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home again home again jiggity jig

so, wondercon really was... something! I'd expected to sleep in this morning... but even though I've been up for a while now, just being home with Jovino and our awesome kitties - hearing the rain on the roof and knowing I don't HAVE to go out (or do ANYthing in particular today!) is absolutely delicious.

I plan to spend the day doing a combination of slacking, and stuff like laundry, house cleaning etc that I haven't had the chance to really keep up with while we were working such long hours getting ready for the con. I'm also feeling like my right wrist really needs a break so I'm glad we planned some time to take it easy.

the con was a TRIP. we had attended for the past two years, just looking around and checking it out, but it really didn't prepare me for what it was like to work it. unless you just tuned in, you know we go to further confusion every year, and that we also vend at various local sales around the bay area. wondercon is held at moscone center in SF and like any big trade show there is a huge room with all sorts of businesses set up there to sell you things. it was almost like renting space in a mall - a mall with a certain focus and clientele, but still, the feel was very much like a regular mall or tradeshow.

it really made me appreciate FC, where not only do we know a lot of people, but the focus of the con is much more on interaction - whether structured, as with the various panels and other activities - or unstructured hanging out time. a few friends and familiar folks stopped by our booth and it was great to see friendly faces.

I'm also REALLY grateful to everyone who helped us prepare for the con. many friends stepped up to help, and it made a big difference - more than I can say. THANK YOU ALL!!!

we met a lot of nice people, and there were also a huge number of folks just wandering past. some people got into the OMG FURRIES thing - so funny that anyone thinks it's a big deal in the first place.

here is an example (some OMG FURRIES dude interviews Jovino):

ANYway! moar on this later. for now, I am delighted to be snug at home, nibbling on hot udon soup and sipping yummy tea. YAY.
Tags: bunnywarez, frenz, jammiez, jovino, kittehs, omg furries, si se puede, tyord, wondercon, work, yay

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