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onward, through the fog

so wondercon is almost here and (despite some setbacks and challenges as we worked on the biggest project we've taken on yet) we are pretty well ready. we've worked 10+ hour days (often more like 12) for the past 10 days (we did take off Saturday the 14th but that's pretty much been it for the month). it's been tiring (and occasionally trying) but we've also worked really well together and accomplished a metric fuckton of work!

exhausted as I am, it's also really awesome to realize that we are this much closer to bringing our dreams into reality!

if you're in the bay area, we'll be at Wondercon vending on all three days (Friday - Sunday) and we would love to see you!
Tags: bizzy, bunnywarez, omg, si se puede, superloaf, win, work, yay

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