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<3 in the time of wondercon

as you may remember, we are in an insane production crunch right now. it's terribly exciting as we prepare for the biggest sale in our company's history: wondercon 2009!

on saturday morning, we noticed that not only had we already been working for 12 straight days, but that it was also the 14th of february. so, we decided to take the day off. we did have to drop some packages off at the post office (yay, all caught up on orders again!) but that doesn't even really count as work. since we were out, we headed over to our favorite Indian place for a lovely lunch.

we spent the rest of the day doing much needed stuff around the house including replacing our tapped-out keg so now the kegerator works again, and I worked on a long term project of mine that is usually too low priority to get touched *and* did laundry, so that was a great way to spend the day.

when dinner time rolled around, Jovino tried out a new recipe: ENCHILADAS! OMG! I thought the TACOS were the best thing in the world, but now there's a new kid on the block. this was just the first time trying them, too - once he perfects his recipe, look out. I've been saying that he should open up a restaurant: Jovino's Pizzeria and Mexican Specialties!

then we snuggled up on the couch and watched a movie. it was a great valentine's day. I'm not one of those OMG VALENTINES DAY YOU BETTER BUY ME SOMETHING girls (while we were doing errands we were laughing at all of the last-minute parking lot sellers of bears and flowers... and also at everyone we saw who was making last minute purchases... I mean, ok the deadline isn't until tonight, but surely you knew this was coming?) but I *am* a romantic girl, and I do love "us time" whenever it happens. it also helps me keep going in the bunny biz marathon - and therefor, I can justify taking the day "off"!

but anyway: YAY. just what we needed!
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