red-headed stepchild in the house of love (djmermaid) wrote,
red-headed stepchild in the house of love

what's going on (aka 1&1 = 0)

it's kinda crazy times right now, up and down, bittersweet, alternating happy and stressful... sometimes so quickly it makes my little head spin.

we're hard at work getting ready for FC. we're in pretty good shape but of course there are always things to work on to get ready for the con.

my domain is *still* down (not bunnywarez, my personal domain). this is the 8th day. it took 4 days of me calling every day last week to finally get them to tell me I had to fill out and fax in a form. did that on fryday, no word from them. so, every day after I've had my first cup of tea, I call to check on what is going on. it seems like every time, a different person tells me a different story. sometimes it'll be fixed in an hour (LOL!), sometimes 24, or 48, or...

so when I called this morning, I was told that they had received my fax (which I sent on Fryday) and had sent me an email on Monday informing me that it would take "up to 5 business days" to restore control of my domain to me. I didn't receive this email (not even in my spam catcher) so I tried to find out what address they'd been using. I was told that they can't give that info out - but something told me not to just offer my address, since I had done so every day last week. I was determined to learn just where they had been trying to email me.

well, what do you know? they were sending the email to an address @ the domain they had deactivated.

do you see how stupid this is?!?! sorry, of course *you* do. the thing is, they actually DON'T!

I attempted to explain why this wouldn't work, and was informed that to change my email address I would have to fill out another form and fax the fucking thing to them.

at that point, my head exploded and I hung up the phone, rather than saying something we'd all regret.

but JEEBUS! teh dumb, they has it!

yargh. :-( if you need to email me, I am m at bunnywarez.

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