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Goofy FC Meemage

ok so I did the silly "fc meme"! I usually don't do these things, but what the hell. I'm really looking forward to this year's con - I'm sure that, as usual, it'll be here before we know it and then suddenly over too soon.

I <3 fc - it was the first con I went to, and it helped inspire the beginning of bunnywarez, lo these many (ok, three) years ago. I always seem to have a great time at furcon, no matter what is going on in the rest of my life - even that one rilly difficult year it was more awesome than not. since then, it's just been getting better and better - and last year, they even chose my theme idea! how awesome that was, I can't even tell you (at least not via the internet).

so this year I'm offering my "coming out as furry" panel again, on Sunday at 11:30 (am, yo). Candace and I had a great response last year, and this year we are adding two new panelists: David "Flint Otterhall" Cooksey (of the FC board) and Jovino. last time we had a lively and very interactive session, with lots of questions and ideas coming from the attendees. you should come, if for no other reason than to learn how to field the dreaded "CSI" question, once and for all!

I'm also spinning for the Fursuit Dance on Fryday night. I'm on first, and I'm planning to bring my yummy yummy classic dance musics, so don't be late!

I <3 FC. it'll be great to be back.

k, so the meem:

Where are you staying?
in teh TTRREEEE! I srsly can't imagine keeping the con schedule we do without staying there. it's hard enough as it is!

When do you Arrive / Leave the con?
arriving Thursday, leaving Monday - we might even make it to the Dead Dog Party this year!

Where will you be most of the time during the days?
days: behind the bunnywarez table in the Dealers Den. at night, I'll generally be found out on the party floor, or sleeping. I'm DJing on Fryday in the big room, and offering a panel: Venturing Out of the Den (coming out as furry) on Sunday morning at 11:30. thanks to kproche for the title!

What time do you get up/go to bed?
at-con, we get up around 9 or so - it's early, but we have to get to work on time! beddytime is usually late, maybe 4ish. it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it... and we are nothing if not thorough.

Whats (sic) the best way to get ahold (sic) of you? (Sorry, I know how snobby it seems to put "sic" after every typo or grammatic misstep, but for fuck's sake! "Whats" the best way to get "ahold" of you? O noes.)
anyway! txt msg me, pop by the bunnywarez table, or leave a note on our room door. we'll also have our nabaztag along, and we especially <3 Nabz messages.

Who will you be with?(sic!)
Fine Furry Friends - and plenty of 'em. and, of course, my favoritest bunneh jovino.

Do you do free art?
I'm DJing for free on Fryday night!

Do you do trades?
come by the booth and ask, we might take you up on it.

Do you do commissions?
we sometimes accept custom orders. again, talk to us.

What suits will you have?
Bouncy Bunny (as seen in the icon)! Ninja Kitty (the original Ninja Kitty)! Ninja Bunny! and moar! the rest of the time, I plan to be rockin' the kittygirl look, or at least roaming around in my animal jammies (I have a black cat named Snowball, an ocelot - as yet un-named - and I'm really hoping to get a pink bunny one done in time for the con.)

Can I borrow one of your suits?
um, no. but, we'll be selling ninjas - so bring some dark clothes and join the clan. we'll also have a variety of lovely clip-on kitty ears in stock, plus we're releasing a hot new hat at con!

What is your gender?
I is teh girly-girl. (that's me on your left in the icon).

How old are you?
Old enough to know better. Young enough (apparently) to get carded frequently... and a little less than one day younger than jovino

How tall are you?

Can I talk to you?
I'm a nice bunny... just don't sneeze on me, ok?

Can I buy you lots of drinks?
the question is will you buy me lots of drinks!

Can I buy you food and/or eat meals with you?
seeya at Sushi Totoro! om nom noms.

Can I give you presents?
well I would say that depends on who you are, and on the present. however, I can say that there is no time like the present, and also no present like time.

Can I hang with you in your room?
my room is my fortress of quietude - so only if you're specifically invited. it's nothing personal - I just really need my downtiems, especially in the (often jam-packed) con atmosphere.

Can I give you money?
I dunno, can you? and more to the point, what do you want for it?

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
no glomping, please! if you're invited to snuggle me, you probably already know it.

Can I touch you?
see above.

Can I Dance with you at the dances?
come to the dances! dance! have a good time! most of the dances seem to be the kind of dances where we're all dancing together.

Can I invite you to parties?
absolutely! and you should invite jovino to DJ at the parties.

Are you nice?
I already said so. are YOU nice?

Bonus Question:
Are you ConStaff?
no, but we do offer free goodies for constaff! so, if you are on staff you should come by our table, say hi and flash your staff badge! this will be our 3rd year offering free goodies to constaff, and it's always so much fun getting to meet and thank the folks who make FC go 'round. so, please come by and say hi! this goes for you GOHs too. we want to meet you!

see you at FC!!!!!
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