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My letter to BART staff:

I was shocked and saddened to read on sfgate that the officer who shot Mr Grant has yet to be questioned! What kind of "investigation" is that? It's certainly poor police procedure (but then again, so is discharging a weapon on a crowded train platform).

I am absolutely outraged by the apparent lack of concern for a PROPER investigation - had a passenger been the shooter they'd be IN JAIL right now, not sitting at home on "administrative leave" and would certainly have been questioned multiple times by officers.

QUESTION THE SHOOTER! It seems so obvious! I can hardly believe I am having to say this.

Finally, I am an Oakland resident (and in fact Fruitvale is my stop). If this investigation is botched or a coverup occurs, I really hope I am not around when the verdict is announced. I remember the Rodney King riots and I sincerely hope to never see anything like that again.



- M

BART rider since 1990

To contact BART:

sfgate article asserting that the shooter has yet to be questioned:
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