red-headed stepchild in the house of love (djmermaid) wrote,
red-headed stepchild in the house of love


Hooray, and Thank You Joseph!! I am posting this from my newly refurbished powerbook! What a relief. I'm really grateful to my good friend Joseph for coming over and helping me out. It feels soo good to be back online for real!

I'm way behind on here so will just try to hit a few of the week's high points. Haven't tried back-dating on here yet... I think I'll just make one big entry (hopefully not too big).

Had a good weekend. The BF and I went to Cafe du Nord on Fryday to hear Michael Doughty perform... he's the singer from Soul Coughing (a band which I like, and BF is a big fan of.) He's currently doing solo stuff, and I thoroughly enjoyed his new material (which was really cool and refreshing, and much less grumpy/angry/aggro than the Soul Coughing stuff... also the interpretations of the old stuff he did were really sweet and much more appealing to me.) I enjoyed it a great deal more than the older stuff - how often does that happen? In fact, I liked it so much I bought his new EP, even though I probably won't be able to spin it out much (if at all). It was cool to go up and say "I loved your new stuff!" and it definitely made him smile. I got him to sign the EP To "BF" - which certainly made the boy happy. ;-)

The show was well attended and people were definitely into it, but it wasn't so crowded that I was claustrophobic - I could even see for most of it (no mean feat for short little me.) This was great as I can be reluctant to go to events like that as I dislike being trampled and having beer spilled on me. Everyone around us seemed to be enjoying themselves - especially a woman nearby who was clearly there with both a man and another woman... smooching and snuggling and dancing with both of them. So cute! And a lovely example of happy poly people. Made both of us really happy to see them!

Wednesday I had a fun date with a very sweet man. We've been seeing each other for a few months now. He was just back from N'Awlins where he went on his honeymoon (ah the joys and strangenesses of poly life!) He invited BF and I to the wedding, which was a first for us. (More than one first, actually... as that was where I first met his partner, who seems very cool and sweet herself.) I was glad we went, it was a lovely day and it felt good to be there. No dates for me this week though... I have a nasty cold and feel really crappy. :-( I'd hate to pass it on to anyone, and I'm not very good company at the moment anyway. I just want to curl up and go to sleep. Too bad I can't!

I've also been driving a lot... my test is coming up very soon now. Wish me luck, please!

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