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all I want - adventures of a red-headed stepchild in the house of love — LiveJournal
mermaid on the mic
all I want
been up for a while - can't sleep. I guess that's what happens when I go to bed before midnight! :-P

anyway, yesterday I got what I wanted for xmas.

the sale we took part in was small and business was slow, but we did pretty well. the best part was seeing so many friends there - both selling their own things, and stopping by as customers. I had a number of really great interactions with people, and felt very cared for and loved.

our friends have been incredibly encouraging, helpful, and generous in supporting bunnywarez over the past three years and I am super grateful for it. our site is back and we've received some online orders since coming back up so it's good to know that people are finding their way to us again. we will prevail!

this month has been unbelievably trying on many levels. but what has come through is that we are strong enough to get past this stuff - losing our site for a week won't kill our business. Jovino likes to compare this stuff to video games and I think we just got through a scary boss round. (certainly dealing with 1&1 was like a video game in that all you could do was try to press the correct buttons in the correct sequence the correct number of times and hope for the best!)

so yesterday, we made a little money but more importantly we were reminded that we love this and want to keep doing it and our friends were incredibly supportive. I especially love that now there are more furry puppy hats out there! they looked adorable on the people who bought them. seeing our kitties and bunnies (and an absolutely perfect devil!) looking so cute made me extremely happy. I so love seeing people rocking our gear!

that kind of thing, seeing someone try something on and smile, really helps keep the inspiration up. I think that is a benefit that is easy to overlook in all of the work of these sales - not just getting people to see our stuff, but seeing people *enjoy* our stuff. it really helps.

so, the sale went great. and as to December '08, let's just say it was like one of those silly xmas stories where you have to lose important things to get the true spirit of xmas and leave it at that. lol!

tree status: purchased a sweet little felt xmas tree ornament (shaped like a decorated tree itself) from Claudia and attached it to the DJ rig in the living room. I predict the actual tree will appear within the week.

also, Young Nate looks like MC Frontalot's little brother in his new glasses. I'm just sayin.

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I'm feeling: hopeful hopeful

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porsupah From: porsupah Date: December 16th, 2008 12:33 am (UTC) (Link)
I feel we need to see photos of the ur-tree. =:)

Here, I'm still not sure what to do, so I'll probably just give it a miss and enjoy the decorations back in the other warren - most likely I'll head down there on the 23rd, and spend a few days there, before running fleeing for sanity and peace heading back, maybe spending NYE in the city, or perhaps Brighton.

1&1 reminds me of the run-in I had with Notwork Solutions a few years ago, when I paid for my renewal a day or so before the due date, and then tried transferring the domain to a friend, who was then acting as a registrar. Cue all sorts of merriment, involving faxing my passport to them, them screwing up the card payment multiple times, to the point the bank contacted me and wondered what on earth was going on.. ultimately, it was a little over two months of downtime for the domain. And all for only $35/year! Buy now!

(Surely there must be a good registrar out there somewhere? Maybe even a furry one?)

vicious_kind From: vicious_kind Date: December 16th, 2008 06:13 am (UTC) (Link)
You put so much love into bunnywarez. How could you not be received by everyone?
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