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a little update... but first I want to thank everyone for the supportive comments. we went out to a little party on Friday night and it was SO good to see friends. balm for the soul!

for those of you who have mentioned taking legal action, you know those user agreement things that you have to click "ok" before running software or whatever? those licenses you never read? well, guess what. they've got us over a barrel as far as all of that. re setting up an alt site, it would take at least until Friday to complete it, and then there is the issue that everyone knows our old URL and no one would know the new one, and then are we going to go back? or toss out all these business cards? this is why we haven't moved to set up a new site. as soon as we get control of our domain back, we are switching to a company owned by a *friend* for our DNS registration needs. since he would actually, you know, give a shit about us, he'd actually contact us if we somehow lapsed.

anyway... at 3am on Saturday morning (after the party Friday night) I was peeking at email one last time and discovered two messages from them (which arrived from different email addresses, about 12 seconds apart. the first one was the typical automated password retrieval message. the second informed me that the password on the faxed form was missing or incorrect, that my password had been emailed to me, and that I needed to email them back with the password in order for them to process the form. so, shaking my head, I did that. I managed to resist the temptation to just fwd their passwd reminder email back to them; it would have accomplished nothing except making me look snarky and rude. (but, how freakin' RIDICULOUS is that?!)

this morning when I checked email I was greeted with the notification that OUR FORM HAD BEEN PROCESSED! Praise the Lord! I am assuming all of these 3am emails are the work of their Philippine call center.

now we have to wait for "up to 5 business days" but hey at least the form has been processed so we *should* be back up by Friday. I don't know the reason for this delay, but at this point I am too beaten down to even try to fight it.
Tags: ack, bitch, fail, tibs

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