red-headed stepchild in the house of love (djmermaid) wrote,
red-headed stepchild in the house of love

so much happening lately!

thank fucking GHOD the election is over with. overall SO much good stuff came of it, but the one big shitty thing marring all the joy I would be feeling over Obama's election and all the other relief I'm feeling is, of course, Prop H8.


how can it be, that out of state groups are permitted to interfere in OUR political process? I don't go around telling people in Utah what to do. I think it's highly unethical (not to mention the outright LIES in their ads). spew your hate in your OWN state and stay out of California, thank you very much.

I didn't go out on election night, I stayed home and drank champagne with the housemates after Obama gave his speech. it was a beautiful moment! after that I was afraid to check the other results and what do you know, I was right. I'm heartened to know the ACLU and others are working on this in the legal realm.

last night (Thursday) Jovino and I went into SF to hear Natacha Atlas perform at the Herbst Theater (the SF Jazz Fest brought her). she was AMAZING and I nearly cried. what actually *did* make me cry was outside on the way there. we walked past a group of protesters with candles, standing for equal marriage rights. I hung my head, and broke down. how can it be that this is still in question now, in 2008! it's shameful. I know we will prevail eventually but DAMN. it is time NOW!

Natacha was awesome - her gorgeous voice floating, swooping, flying, swirling all around. she didn't speak much, but at one point said she wasn't supposed to be talking since she was recovering from tonsillitis. (sheesh! I'm guessing if she isn't supposed to be talking that singing was probably also not recommended - but you certainly couldn't tell from her perfomance.)

right after saying that, she sang a velvety rendition of the Lammabada which just hung in the air and danced around us. she was supposed to be signing CDs after the show but the crowd was so thick I couldn't bear it, so I went home and ordered a copy from the 'net. hopefully someday I'll get to meet her, when she can talk and there aren't so many other people around. even if I never do, it was a beautiful thing to experience her amazing live performance. I've loved her music since 1992 and never gotten to hear her before!

she danced a bit too, which was very sweet. I've read reviews of her shows that basically said she should stick to singing and forget dancing, but I think that is utterly mean-spirited. her dancing was heartfelt and lovely. she obviously feels the music deeply and her dancing reflected that. she is one of the great Arabic vocalists of our time. very few can aspire to dance at the level she sings at, and fewer still come close to her singing ability and style. so, consider yourself fortunate to be in the room and appreciate it! the show ended with an astonishing drum solo by her drummer, and then they all came back for a quick encore of "Lola" (Whatever Lola Wants) which was short but sweet.

afterwards we took bart home, and sat on the couch with cats and laptops. I read an article from the Washington Post, interviewing a black man who had worked as a butler at the white house for 34 years, from 1952 until 1986. he saw a lot of history unfold, a lot of change and progress. it reminded me of how far things have come even in my lifetime. so, I am remaining hopeful and trying to focus on the future.

I do believe that we will prevail. I'm already a card-carrying ACLU member, and I'm going to be keeping an eye on this as it develops and do what I can to speed the plow. we SHALL overcome!

in the meantime, I am thankful and relieved by the other results. it's about time! the Onion said it well: Nation Finally Shitty Enough to Make Social Progress. indeed!

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