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makin' a list

it's that time of year again! there's a lot to do. I'm really excited about this year and looking forward to being out there. :-)


event sked
finalize dj gigs

finish bw sewing
maybe make stuff?

plan, procure, prepare food, bevz
booze for Broken Saddle, GDTs etc
costco, bevmo, tjs etc

coord w truck (soon!)
make memorial boards for Jeff and Frank (and NO ONE ELSE, KTHX!)
plan / pull / procure / pack costumes etc
pull/sort CDs, gather themey music for bar
make sure bills are current
pack costumes for costume giveaway camps

arrange cat feeding
hair appt
waxing appt
sort giveaway costumes
order dustmask (my allergies have been so bad this year I'm actually getting a nice one)

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