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Weekend Update

Well, all in all a good weekend. I am still definitely Not Happy with myself for the laptop incident... but I'm getting over it. At least I'm still online - and when I talked to BF about it, the first thing he said was "the important thing is that *you* are OK." I felt really loved and cared for when he said that. And of course he IS right!

Saturday was a long, fun day. We went to an afternoon birthday party in the city which was filled with friends and other fun people. We got there early, which can be socially awkward but was actually fun, getting to talk before it got totally crowded. I got beautiful henna designs on my right hand and I'm loving how it looks - next time I want both hands done! (It would have been way selfish for me to ask for it then as there was only so much henna and time, and naturally there were lots of us wanting it done.) I've never had henna before... she chose to give me some cool traditional style middle eastern designs, many are very old designs that I've seen before. Beautiful! (And fun to type with too.)

We left the party in full swing to go to another birthday party (prompting suspicions that scorpios are the sign most likely to celebrate birthdays) which was also a lot of fun. Saw lots of gigsville folks at this one and had some great conversations. At one point the birthday boy wanted to play with his x-box and believe it or not, it was actually fun to watch the games, because the graphics are so good. They were playing a game where you pick a character to fight another character... I got an immense kick out of seeing these cute little anime girls kicking serious ASS and knocking these big, tough looking dudes on the ground!! ;-) I had some really nice conversations with folks and felt glad to be a part of the gigsville norcal contingent. A fun night!

After not quite enough sleep, we got up and headed over the bridge to brunch in SF... cozy and fun. And then on to the final birthday party of the weekend. (The one I spun for.) I was a little nervous, but happy to be there contributing to the party. The Birthday Girl (BF's sweetie) looked happy and radiant (and very cute in her party clothes) and she totally surprised and touched me by giving me a really nice present: a stylish leather cuff bracelet. As a matter of fact, I'm wearing it right now. It sets off my henna perfectly... but the best thing about it is that she thought of me and wanted to give me something nice. It makes me SO happy! Because I really like this woman and I'm pleased to no end that we are friendly with each other. (It's easy to like her, she's really a neat person... smart and fun and interesting, and she's involved with socially conscious type work too.) This stuff is SO much easier when everyone gets along... and *that* is easier when we can all like and respect each other. So it was a long weekend... and (besides the damned computer accident) a good one.

Now, off to bed!

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