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so much going on lately, and so hard to find the time to post about it. I'e barely even been twittering!

we took the train to sacto for the 4th, to see Jovino's mom on her birthday. I always enjoy visiting his family and I think this was my favorite time so far. I really enjoyed hanging out with his nephews and being the cool uncle's girlfriend. ;-)

this morning the guys went to the shooting range to fire off guns and I went out for lunch and shopping with jovino's sister (here from Alaska!) and mom. it was actually a lot of fun to have a "girl day" and we all really enjoyed ourselves. I even gave Nancy (who is getting ready to start a new job soon) some makeup tips.

I got a terrific long sundress that you will definitely be seeing at the Company Picnic. as soon as I washed all the sizing out, it became an instant favorite. it's very '70s, and very Fire Island... wearing it is REALLY making me miss being there!

Jovino's mom, sister from Alaska and two of his nephews were here (in SF) on Thursday, and we barted over to the city to hang out with them. we went to the aquarium down on the wharf, and it was amazing! they have a lot going on in their compact space, and Jovino and I were enthralled. their biggest tank has a walkway through the bottom of it, so the fish swim above you - it's really fantastic!

after spending the day with them, we walked up to north beach for a late supper at Stinking Rose - one of our favorite restaurants. our dinner was romantic and silly and fun (and of course very tasty!) I felt so fortunate to be there, celebrating four years together. we'd also had an unbelievable dinner out on Tuesday (the first - the actual anniversary) and it was a super sweet treat to continue celebrating!

tomorrow, we're going down to Santa Cruz, attending a benefit bellydance show being put on for a very dear musician friend of mine, Sulyman el Coyote, whose house burned in the recent wildfires. we're staying overnight in SC, hitting up the boardwalk on Monday, and then coming back home to jump into work with all four feet. yay!

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