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ZOMG, that was at least ten kinds of Awesome, with Awesome Sauce on top!

it was my 10th Pink Saturday, and one of my best DJ experiences evar. the only other PS that can hold a candle to it (and in fact possibly wins - though they both have their charm) was 2004 when I got to go extra long and people were SCREAMING!

that was a 6 hour and 45 minute set - I don't know how I managed. long can be a lot of fun but really strenuous too.

this time, I had halp. Jovino played a set (his third year at PS) and I have to say that more than evar before he ripped it up, rode it hard, and put it away wet! I SRSLY did not want to go on after him (it was one if his best sets and he had 'em jumping up and down and shrieking) but I had to. and I must admit that I pulled off the transition back to disco quite well - I kept the crowd that had been dancing to electrohouse!

I feel so honored to be invited to spin Pink Saturday. it means a lot to me - and it also just happens to be a huge, happy, fun and sexy party right in the heart of the Castro. you can't get any better than that! (I do have a dream to spin on Fire Island sometime... which would be a huge thrill... but no way would it beat Pink Saturday. I don't think anything could!)

k, so anyway. here come teh setlist. I worked my ass off getting ready for this set and did it ever pay off!

I used to spin lounge/downtempo for the first hour, and I kinda miss it, because while it is early (and still light out) it's a tough time to work a dance groove, but the lounge is fun and sexy, and invites wonderful vogueing and interaction with people. this year I decided to take a 90 minute set at the beginning and another at the end, with Jovino spinning for two hours in the middle. this actually worked really well and if I am fortunate enough to do it again I'll probably stick to this plan. I did start a bit downtempoish but kicked it into gear fairly soon.

Over the Rainbow by Saya Saito - a jazzy instrumental and my favorite first track over the years
Thus Sprach Zarathustra - Eumir Deodato
Inside & Out - Feist
Heartbeat - Larry Levan feat Taana Gardner (this actually mixes with the Feist track!)
Do ya wanna get Funky with Me - Peter Brown
We got the Funk - Positive Force (12" version)
Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now (en Espanol) - Charanga '76
Got My Mind Made Up - Instant Funk
Love Sensation - Loleatta Holloway
Do What You Wanna Do - T Connection
Born This Way - Carl Bean (Tom Moulton Mix)
L.O.V.E Got a Hold on Me - Dennis Roussos
Dim All the Lights - Donna Summer

(insert a phat, ass-kickin' two hours of electrohouse and breaks by Jovino)

at this point, they're screaming, jumping up and down, grinding on the police fence, etc. I'm quite frankly terrified to go on following this - but that's the plan so I better get to it.

I started off with Just Fuck by Tom Neville, just to smooth the transition a bit. then it was time to pull out the big guns:

I am Love - Jacksons (!)
Time - Stone (vocal version)
Got the Feeling - Two Tons o' Fun (as sampled by Chicken Lips!)
Dance with Me - Peter Brown feat Betty Wright
I don't want to be a Freak (but I can't help myself) - Dynasty
Disco Inferno (yes, 10 minutes if disco glory!) - Trammps
Where Love Lives - Alison Limerick
Take Me Home - Cher
More - Carol Williams
No Parking on the Dancefloor - Midnight Star
Last Dance - Donna Summer
Never Can Say Goodbye (Slow Vision Version) - Gloria Gaynor (Thank You DJ Robbie L!)
Love Hangover - Diana Ross

and then the cops came and told us it was time. it was the PERFECT Pink Saturday!

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