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now THAT is what I call a WEEKEND!

another turning point, a fork stuck in the road...

so, after Jovino's Fryday night DJ gig at Fuck Shit, Let's Dance we scampered off up the 101, back to our favorite place in the mendocino woodlands... you know the one, with the wood-fired hot tubs, foodie friends cooking amazing food, DJing and dancing and fire spinning and general high-quality freakery! we're getting good at this, I have to say.

this is an annual event which I have been attending for years. I saw so many folks I haven't seen in far too long and we talked and talked and laughed and laughed. I had awesome conversations, exchanged helpful and illuminating tarot readings with a good friend (who I see far too infrequently) and also connected with some new peeps. I was very pleased to find the abusive ex was nowhere to be seen - bonus! nothing but good folks, dear friends, my much beloved Bunny Jovino, a warm fire, and the gorgeous grounds. what a great way to spend a weekend - chilling the fuck out, in the best style imaginable.

I went on a nice long hike with Jovino, checking out boulders for possible climbing (unfortunately the rock out there all seems really crumbly and unsafe.) I sang Joni Mitchell songs with the Tritons (at their behest - for some reason they seem to like my out of tune singing) and we talked a little about Joni and why her songs are so freakin tricky - something about open tuning. I don't quite get the technical aspect of it but it is reassuring to know that it isn't just me being challenged, but complicated material to get right. (and then there is the range...) I actually did a little acapella solo of part of Rainy Night Man - I wanted to see if they knew it (they didn't) and it is sooo beautiful. (honestly I blame the tequila.) everyone did say it was good (and since there wasn't any accompaniment I probably sounded less off-key than I would have otherwise.) maybe some day I'll take some singing lessons to see if I can get a bit better at it - I do enjoy it but it would be fun to sound better and feel more confident singing. in my copious spare time!

I brought a bottle of really nice tequila to toast Jeff Holmes. that provided many very sweet moments with people as we reminisced. also had a lovely conversation with Robin about Jeff, his cooking, and his theories about the revolution coming and what that would entail... I remember talking with him about that (or I should say listening to him talking about that!) she's going to send me a recipe that he made frequently and had "a million variations of" so I'm excited about that. will have to make it for the next campout!

it did rain a little, but it didn't dampen my spirits in the least. before we left town we hit up REI for a (very nice) new tent, so we really lived in luxury! this thing is so well made and well thought out, I freaking love it. it's got to be by far the nicest tent I have ever had. we were dry and cozy, with plenty of space for our stuff inside the tent, or under the convenient vestibule. oh, and we can stand up in it. :-)

Jovino made sure to bring our fabulous, incredibly thick wool shag rug in addition to our super comfy folding foam futon (with a ton of bedding) so even sitting on the floor was a pleasure. it was almost like a CABIN! we do have the comfy camping thing well in hand. I want to add some bunny stencils to the tent, to customize it a bit before the next trip. this tent is not going to go to the playa until it has seen better days - it was AWESOME to be able to put up a tent without getting playa all over me (doubly so since it was damp out!)

I did worry a little about my darling Ninj (and wore my Ninji-hat all weekend, in her honor - it's like the one in the icon but with big yellow button eyes and black ear tufts) but I knew she was in good hands at the vet where I boarded her for the weekend. she came back looking fine, and actually seems to have put on a bit of weight - HOORAY! my baby is getting better.

oh and I wound up spinning the closing set (again!) I had originally planned an evening set for myself but had to change the schedule onsite and it was just easier to give myself the closing set (which I hadn't scheduled for anyone) and free up the 2 hours. I have to say that this was completely serendipitous - I was truly delighted with the resulting set! it actually turned out to be one of my best, and I ended up feeling overjoyed that it so happened that I had that particular spot. the set (which was totally off the top of my head) took shape really nicely, echoed many aspects of our delicious weekend together, got me a lot of compliments and just plain made me happy all on its own. can't ask for more than that.

on the way home we pulled the bunnyvan up to the Bluebird Cafe, arriving just in time to join some friends from the campout for a fabulous lunch and mini-decompression. afterwards, I drove the rest of the way home and we just cruised the whole way - there was hardly any traffic and the weather was great. when we arrived our neighbors were having a BBQ outside so we hung out for a bit and then came in and snuggled up on the sofa.

now I am home, with my beloved Ninji purring on my lap

life is good!

Help me (I think I'm falling) - Joni Mitchell
Inside and Out - Feist
Never can say Goodbye (slow vision version) - Gloria Gaynor (downtempo!)
Also sprach Zarathustra - Deodato
Lanasana's Priestess - Donald Byrd
Moonshadow - LaBelle (amazing live version of this Cat Stevens song)
When will I see You Again - the Three Degrees
Fly like an Eagle - Steve Miller Band
Sugar Daddy (disco mix) - Betty Paget
Reminiscing - Little River Band
Strange Magic - ELO
Mr Blue Sky - ELO
I Feel it All - Feist
If we're in Love - Roisin Murphy
Sunlight in the Rain - Kelli Ali
Sunshine on a Rainy Day - Zoe
Read my Mind (Pet Shop Boys Stars are Blazing mix) - Killers
So Fine - Sleeve & Lowman
Spiritual High - Moodswings (MLK mix)
the Light 3000 - Schneider TM
Time of your Life - Honeywagon (bluegrass version)

"'s something unpredictable,
and in the end it's right
I hope you had the time of your life..."
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