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I am logging in here om my Super Duper Ultra High Tech Power Mac 7600/120!!!! Why? Because I managed to dump a glass of dessert wine onto the Powerbook. Fucking God. This is a computer I used to use back in like 1998, and the only reason I even have it is because I wanted to check to see if I had cleaned off the drive or if there were still some old files I might want. Last week I was trying to give it away and nobody wanted it (lucky for me at this point.) Yeesh, I feel DUMB. Oh and CLUMSY.

I'd had a really fun night out and when I got home it wasn't really late, so I wanted to have a glass of this yummy raspberry dessert wine and poke around on the computer. Bleah. At least I have this one! Next up will be seeing if I can figure out how to configure Eudora to get my email. Luckily this old machine still has everything on it. It'll be funny to boot up eudora and see all my old mail from back when.

1998... a lot has happened since then, I have a whole new life. That was the year we moved up into the Haight, the year we decided to try being poly... I very clearly remember an afternoon in October of '98, walking around in the empty flat by myself and wondering what would happen, what change was about to come. I had NO IDEA. Heh. There were good times and very very challenging times. I'm glad to be where I am now. I miss some aspects of that past life... being able to walk out onto Haight Street, my hot tub, and GOD I miss Pouncer something awful still... it has been a year since I moved out. He misses me too (and sometimes has a funny way of showing it... at the last brunch there he was so cold to me he made me cry.) My friends were nice to me about it though, and he did eventually find it in his heart to be nice to me himself. (I stooped to bribing him with turkey, I admit. Hey, it worked.)

I'd been thinking of retiring that powerbook and getting a newer faster one but had hoped to turn it into a sound recording box to record my DJ sets. Now it's not even going to make a decent doorstop. The last time I did this (yes, this is actually the SECOND time I have managed to be so goddamn dumb!! See why I am beating myself up?!) the laptop needed a new keyboard and I can't see spending the money, unless it's cheaper than a portable DAT or whatever thing I can find to record my sets now. Jeeziz this is aggravating. And probably hella boring to read about too... if anyone's reading this I apologize. Just one more comment and then I'll quit the subject. There are two saving graces. One is that at least I can still get online. The other is that I don't have to deal with my ex over this... since it is the second time it happened (and to the same machine even) he'd probably want to kill me. Now if I even tell him he's just going to laugh. (And I probably will tell him, later this morning... I might be able to get a better ADB keyboard than this one and maybe my old trackball is still there in some pile of computer junk too. You know how geeks tend to have piles of old computer stuff lying around, for just these occasions.)

Other than that, it was a really nice night out. I went to an art against aids fundraiser/art show and met up with friends there. We were going to a fetish club later on, so I dressed up all gothy-wothy with my pink braids done up all fancy (two small buns with long chopsticks forward on the head - where devil horns would go - and long in back) and I did glammy makeup. I wore my Tokyo goth top (all shreddy slashy laced-up) with a short black skirt and my purple newrocks... to complete the look I stole BF's fucked up black fishnet thigh highs with vinyl tops. I looked great, if I do say so myself.

At the first place the door chick thought I was a performer. And as we were leaving, a woman came up and asked to take my picture. I asked for her card so I could try to get a copy from her... and it turned out she'd photographed me and BF on the playa at the Mutaytor show! And very nicely sent me the photos afterwards too... so there is an excellent chance I'll actually get to see the picture. Too bad I can't say the same thing for the powerbook. Oops, I was supposed to shut up about that. OK.

The fetish club was fun, especially dancing and running into friends who I hadn't seen in a while. (Several of them said Hi and then were surprised to find out it was me! This is how good I looked.) I went up to the dungeon to watch Eva Destruction beat people, but was geting tired (and also got tired of creepy dudes trying to touch me without asking first - that got old fast) so I took off. I'll definitely go again - hopefully when I've had more sleep the night before. And hopefully with less, um, "technical difficulties"!!! OK, I really AM going to shut up now. It could have been worse. (Yeah... I could have also doused the digital camera!)

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