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my beloved Ninji is still sick, and it seems serious.  she is having liver problems and is refusing food and just seeming altogether unhappy.  oh, and she's turning yellow.  :-(  I'm making kitty chicken broth for her and hoping she'll be willing to eat some.

apparently it could be that she got into something bad (always possible in a warehouse like this, although she's an indoor cat) or perhaps she just has a weak liver, or it could be FIP. 

they can't get her in for a liver ultrasound scan until a week from today.

I am supposed to go away this week from weds - sunday to a bellydance festival.  I'm sharing a hotel room with a friend, and have signed up for a bunch of classes. I've been looking forward to this for weeks, but now I just want to stay home and hang around with my kitty. 

*cries*  I love this cat.  she's SO YOUNG.  she HAS to get better!!!
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