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bellydance musings

tonight's dance class was smaller, so I had an unobstructed view of the mirror for pretty much most of it.  this, combined with a workshop I took on Sunday forcussing on arms and expression (mostly slower moves) has sparked a realization that I actually remember having had before - back when I was taking dance and yoga hardcore in the '90s.  at some point, I realized that I really prefer the ooey-gooey slinky slow stuff to the faster and more rhythmic moves. 

when I was first dancing, this was Just Too Bad, because you pretty much had to do it all.  now however there is this new category (for the most part it seems to be a subset of tribal - happily for me) which mostly focuses on the slow gooey moves.  and that makes me a happy little bellydancer.

I just personally feel the slow stuff more - and as well, I'm really not all that keen on seeing my fat jiggling in the mirror (even though I well know that jiggly fat is part of the whole point of shimmy, and that in antiquity I'd have been one hot mama, what with all this jiggly fat and my pretty, um, eyes.)  nevertheless, I do not like it in the *here and now* and I've honestly always felt that the best thing about shimmy is when we all get to dance in a circle in the studio.  if I never have to do another drum solo as long as I live, I truly will not mind!  just give me some sensuous slow music, maybe a nice persian rug to cushion my knees in case I'm inspired to do floorwork, and I'm a happy girl.  floor actually seems to be making a bit of a resurgence, and hooray for that!

well, I could ramble on, but I think I want to do a little cooking before turning in tonight so I'd best get on it.

thanks for reading.  and also, I want to thank everyone for the truly kind comments I received over the past week (has it really been only a week?!)  your kind words and well wishes were much appreciated.  I may be adjusting, but it is gonna be a long-ass time before I get over this one... if evar.  it's mostly internalized now, at least.  I guess some kinds of pain you get used to, even if it never really stops hurting.

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