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spent most of today at a bellydance workshop and had a great time - lovely use of a springtime sunday.  starting to feel more myself - while nevertheless frequently feeling the absence of Jeff.  (DAMMIT!!!)

very much looking forward to TF.

oh, and...

this weekend was also the GCI Nationals.  I'd registered for the bellydance class without realizing they were the same weekend, and then of course I had to go with the dance class (to be true to my pledge to myself to get back on track with my dancing) - but I was really bummed about missing the GCI.

well, as it turned out, it was a good thing that I stayed in town because if there had to be a fucking wake for Jeff Fucking Holmes, I certainly would not want to have missed it! 

and the bellydance class was good stuff, fun and inspirational.  the atmosphere was positive and encouraging (as well as dedicated) and the other dancers were supportive and friendly.  I recognized another dancer who I'd met when I first started  taking lessons, and it was really good to reconnect with her.  I picked up some new moves, and also some awesome stretches and drills that I know will benefit me.  what a great way to spend my sunday!

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