red-headed stepchild in the house of love (djmermaid) wrote,
red-headed stepchild in the house of love

kitties, zombies... and me

So I've finally gotten the cats (mostly) switched over to the canned food - previously they refused all but the (high quality) crunchy stuff.  However it is better for them to have the canned (which is also very high quality) and since I really do know more than they do (and am actually in charge here!) I have managed to convince them to change over. 

It did require some treachery on my part...I started off by making sure not to leave food around after mealtimes, and then one morning I offered them only some cooked chicken meat.  I knew they wouldn't eat it (I know, these cats are weird - but if they had it would have been perfectly fine.)  After ~15 mins of them "burying" it, I removed it.  Again at lunch time I offered more chicken, and again they refused it.  All day that day they were mooking around, trying to scam food (but I knew that it wouldn't hurt them to go without even for several days as long as they had water, so I stood firm.)  Finally at dinner time (yes, I feed them 3x a day) I offered the canned, and Bruce went for it!  Ninji was more relucatant, but she also has more extra weight to spare so I was totally unconcerned.

Since then, they both accept it (hell, Bruce falls on it!)  Ninji is still just a bit less than enthusiastic, but she gets plenty to eat and I am certain that eventually she'll forget all about the crunchers.  When that finally happens I will be able to reintroduce them as needed (it's quite convenient for times when we're gone overnight, etc) without having to start all over with her.)  They both are responding well to the new diet, and I am a happy cat-mom.

In other news, I had the craziest dream last night (I know recounting dreams is supposed to be a big faux-pas but this IS my personal journal - and besides, I promise it'll be funny, or at least weird!)

So... I was on a camping trip with Jovino... we were joining a group of friends at a site up in the NorCal woods with cabins (but still relatively primitive as far as amenities.)  On the way there we'd seen zombies in the nearby towns - a relatively large-scale zombie problem, as a matter of fact.  Fortunately we'd managed to escape without incident. 

We were trying to figure out what to do, and feeling relieved that we were all out in the (so far) zombie-free woodlands.  At some point I realized I'd left some important stuff with friends in another cabin, so I went off to retrieve it, planning to return to Jovino's side as soon as I could so we could figure out our plan. 

When I got to the cabin, the people there had all gone feral!  They were interacting with one another on a total "lord of the flies" level - determining who should go in which group and planning out how they could reproduce (get one another pregnant - !!!) so as to deflect the zombies.  I wanted no part of what was going on there, so I quickly grabbed my sketchbook (which was filled with sketches of the zombies wreaking havoc in the towns we'd passed through, etc) and then looked around for my other things.  I found some grapes which I'd bought along the way, and picked them up.  I also started putting my shoes on, but had a hard time as they were flip-flops which were covered in thick sticky mud, and they kept going between the wrong toes.  I finally got them on and was trying to get the grapes and my other food into a bag, when I suddenly started coughing and choking (IRL - from allergies!)  In the dream, as soon as I started coughing, they all turned to me in sync with a look in their eyes that made it clear that they thought I'd been infected.  Lord of the Flies, I tell ya!

I awoke, gasping for air (IRL) and when I slipped back to sleep, snuggled up with my man, I returned to the same dreamscape.  I was at our cabin, and I ran up to him, explaining what had happened.  I remember telling him that if I was infected, he HAD to kill me, before I had the chance to bite him.  The rest of my sleep was restless, and eventually I had to just give in and get up.  The funny thing here was that I was never actually frightened in the dream - I had the attitude of simply having to do what needed to be done.  Even when I was (in the dream) telling Jovino that I couldn't be sure that I wasn't infected and the highest priority was for him to protect himself, I was really calm.  I guess I felt that if it was inevitable then there was no reason fussing about it (unlike our friends who were totally freaking out and overplanning.)

I don't know if there was a message there, but I have to say that it was one of the most bizarre, yet detailed, dreams I have had in a long time.

Well, speaking of dreams, I think it is time for me to turn in and have a few nao!


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