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red-headed stepchild in the house of love

Mah nest - see me feather it

Still in the process of moving - and I'm actually getting into it now.  ;-)  Today I measured the new room thoroughly.  It has 6 walls, none of which are the same length, as well as three windows, a door, and a closet that pokes out into the main part of the room, creating two of the walls.  Oh, it's also got a 7" difference in height from one end to the other.  Ya gotta love the Trapeziod (or at least, *I* gotta.) 

We made a fact-finding mission to Ikea, where I ogled many storage solutions and found a goodly number of facts, before coming back here to make dinner and plot some more. 

This is the best part!  Planning, coming up with ideas and feathering my nest.  This is the first place I've really been able to do that since I left SF during my divorce back in... 2002?  I think so.  So, needless to say, I am loving it.  I think I might even go a bit crazy and paint one of my walls pink (*my* pink, of course) and maybe (after dealing with all the practical stuff) even add a big graphic to it... for now it's enough to get myself set up with some really well organized storage and make my new room *home* - which I am in the process of doing.

More news as it happens!

A final brief weekend update... yesterday we had the third awesome party to attend in Oakland.  This was another "OMG, we can WALK THERE!" party, at another warehouse space nearby.  This was the bday party of a really cool and fun chick, who Jovino used to date.  As it happens, she knows a lot of folks I've known from back in my hard core raver chickiee days, and it was a blast catching up with some folks I hadn't seen in ages, as well as meeting her other friends - everyone there was really awesome.  Loved it! 

The guy whose place it was has a really amazing salt water tank and I was mesmerized by the antics of the "sea hare" (actually an adorable slug - I know you'd never think a slug could be cute, but you've gotta believe me!) as well as several cute little hermit crabs, the other kind of crabs (also tiny) as well as prehistoric-looking algae eater fish, one of those neon-bright colored fish... the fish were actually the least exciting part of the tank - the slug and crabs stole the show!  It was quite the lively little ecosystem in there, and really a lot of fun to watch - always someone doing something.  When I could tear myself away from the tank (and the sweet koi pond, complete with lily pads, in the other corner of the room) I was nibbling on some really amazing food, and grooving to some luscious Sunday evening beats that Jovino was throwing down in honor of the bday girl.  It was a lovely party, made all the sweeter by being the third in the "escape from moving" weekend trilogy.  Aww yeah.

So I have to say, the weekend treated me exceptionally well.  I have heard reports that the 'Taytor threw down like a mad throwing-down thing (which doesn't surprise me in the least) but I honestly do not mind missing out - my weekend was a perfect mix of working my ass off and hardcore chillin' out.  A girl can't complain!

OK, back to figuring out exactly how much money I'm going to have to give Ikea, and for what.  ;-)  I'm hoping to go back Wednesday (if not tomorrow, which would be ideal) to pick up my new storage-fu. 

(Those of you who have known me for a long time can laugh now - yes, I used to hate Ikea with a fierce passion... then I discovered the secret: go on a WEEKDAY!)  Heh.

BTW, NO ONE got the song lyric quote from last time!  O wells!

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