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Teh Awesome, Let Me Show You It

Today I woke up next to my amazing and wonderful partner Jovino.  I'd have loved to sleep in, but he reminded me we had plans for Wondercon today (and lured me from our warm bed with an irresistable offer of his awesome french toast, made with semifreddi's cinnamon bread and cooked just right - WIN!)  We got dressed and even got our super cool housemate to drop us off at bart, since it was raining.

Wondercon was fun!  We saw friends, shopped a bit, and gawked at all sorts of stuff.  There were some really creatively designed booths on the trade show floor and we were much inspired.  When we first arrived it was incredibly crowded - I'm talking Soylent Green level crowded!  I have an aversion to big crowds of people... I get claustrophobic.  (For some reason, this doesn't happen in small spaces, only big crowds.  It's just how I am.)  We covered about half of the floor and then took off for lunch at the Thirsty Bear, a brewpub just down the block that features organic microbrews and delicious Spanish food.  This was EXACTLY what I needed, and we had a long, leisurely lunch, lingering over our lovely tapas dishes and tasty beers.  It was a total treat, from the olives to the last sip of beer - it's been a long time since I had Spanish olives, and they were so good!   And the rest of the food was equally delish.

We headed back to the con, determined to cover the rest of the floor in the time remaining.  As was the case last year, the "artists' alley" booths were our favorites.  Just as I'd been congratulating myself for not buying anything, we wandered into the section with all the cool stuff.  O noes! 

Oh well.  :-)

I was still *pretty* good, but I did have to pick up a few items.  We had some really great conversations with folks vending there, and whenever possible we supported their efforts by at least buying small things.  I've always been one to support indy artists, and since having spent time on the other side of the table (as a vendor myself) I really know how much it can mean to folks to make a purchase, even a small one.

Finally they closed down the vendors' hall, and we headed up to the street, but at the top of the stairs we ran into someone in a really perfect Planet of the Apes costume - one of the chimpanzees - complete with the correct makeup and facial appliances.  We *had* to stop for a photo op (in fact, Jovino got a bunch of pix of me as ninja bunny throughout the day, but we didn't get a single one with both of us or him, which I totally feel badly about.  Must do better next time!) 

We asked about the (PotA) costume and he said he bought it in the early '80s from the actual costume designer for the film and that it was made from the same fabric.  It was really well done (it must have been an extra one from the film) and it was a thrill to get to take a photo (and to touch the costume itself, since we embraced for the camera.)  Super cool!  PotA was a truly groundbreaking movie which we both really dig, and it was a real treat to see this and chat a bit with the costume's owner.

After all of this, I wanted another beer and some food to prepare myself for the trek back home, so back to the Thirsty Bear we went.  This turned out to be an exceptionally good call, and we relished a flight of their current beer offerings as well as some more delicious tapas and pints of stout.  The conversation we had was as tasty as the food and drink, and both were lovely and restorative for us.  A nice long perfect moment before we had to head out into the rain to catch BART.

Life is good.  I am in love, with a wonderful, open, sweet, creative and sexxeh man - and it is a mature, healthy, thoughtful... yet still HOTTTTT!!! love - grownup, healthy love.  FUCK YEAH is all I can say to that!  :-D

Now we are at home, and he is throwing down an awesome set on Theory Radio!  Aww yeah.  Life is GOOD.

Stuff I left off this post:

- I went as Ninja Bunny... got a stage makeup "wound" from a troupe of theater kids from SF after lunch and spent the rest of the day saying "yeah, but you should see the other ninja."

- Just as I was thinking it would never happen, we ran into our fave Wonka!  Sadly, circumstances conspired to prevent an actual conversation (photography, other people, etc) but it was awesome to catch a little glimpse!  Since my face was covered and the encounter was the briefest, I'm not sure if we were recognized... but it was still a fun moment.

- Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca of Star Wars) was once again there signing autographs (for pay.)  He had a hand-lettered sign pinned up above his head which read "I know U love me, but please do not stare."  SRSLY.  Dood, you are there selling yourself... you played a favorite character in a much beloved movie... and you are quite unusually tall.  Combine this with your typical congoers (some of whom have rather limited social skills) and you are just going to have to accept the people are going to gawk!  My own approach to celebrities has always been the NYC style (pretend they are just another person; do not gawk, speak etc unless there is a reason to do so; be extra polite) but something about this setup caused me to want to gawk all the harder - although from a safe distance.  I don't want Chewie getting all Klingon on my ass (and yes I do realize I am mixing my metaphors here.)

- Also in Autograph Alley, we saw Lou Ferrigno... scratching his balls.  He looked good, and he didn't have a sign discouraging gawking, so I actually feel a little badly about commenting on this.  But... Lou Ferrigno!  Scratching his balls!  D00d.

D00d.  Wondercon.  You just don't know what'll happen until you see for yourself!

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