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Dateline: Las Vegas

OK, so this is just ridiculous... no, it's absolutely DONKERZ!

There are stupid high winds here tonight.  I should have brought my goggles!  So, no going out for us.  No fancy sushi, no fashion show (with fire and bellydancers) - hell, we can't even really leave the hotel.  Well, we could, but it's just stupid windy,  so there's really no point.

The weather wouldn't have been that a big deal - but here's the thing: we're in a hotel that, while well appointed and staffed with a lot of very enthusiastic, kind and friendly folks, not only lacks a restaurant, but doesn't even have a bar!  It does have a deli (sandwiches, bad pizza, overpriced beer etc.)  A deli

When we booked, I didn't figure it would matter one way or the other, since there are so many great options in easy reach... but I didn't count on such astoundingly inclement weather!

So, we're hunkered down in our room... cozy in our jammies, drinking beer, snacking on leftovers and watching project runway reruns (Project Rerunway).  The hot tub is closed, earlier than usual (it's outdoors.)  The wind is whipping around the building - if you walk down the hall, you'd swear you were in that haunted hotel from all the shrieking and wailing coming from around the doors.  The drain in the sink is actually gurgling from the air pressure - it's INSANE out there!

I do have to admit to a bit of disappointment that we can't go out tonight and scarf down awesome food somewhere (goodbye, sushi!  Au revoir, Bouchon!)  I always love to go out when I'm travelling, but tonight it would just be dumb.  The weather report says the wind *should* die down by around 6 pm tomorrow, and we have reservations at someplace super romantic and awesome later that evening.  We are both pretty tired from the long day today, so I really can't complain.  It's actually kinda cool, being forced to relax.

Best part of the windstorm was watching the LV cops clearing a fallen newspaper box (the kind with all the tittie bar ads) from the middle of the street out on the strip.  As they blocked the street, lights flashing, to pick it up, the door flew open and all the tittie bar ads swirled out and up into the air (think of the scene in Wizard of Ox with the cyclone, where the witch whirls by on her bike) and a bazillion boobie-show ads flew into the construction site next door.  Whee!

Ok, time for another beer and some cheap deli sushi.  Mwah!

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