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Teh Awesome - I can has it!


- My pink ninja bunny hat - let me show you it! (Yes, I will be making pink ninja clothes to go with it.)

- We're rocking out and getting all kinds of cool stuffs ready for FC - where we will be DJing the Friday Night dance in the Grand Ballroom (yes, both of us) AND speaking on panels too! We are gonna PWN furcon this year! Oh yeah and the theme is Fur East - think ninjas - and there is a bunch of cool stuff planned for this con. (And, yeah, I writed it. They're actually doing my theme idea!) ;-) Trying to come up with a good theme idea to propose for next year now!

- I am exchanging messages (in lolcat, no less!) with a fabulous photographer (who happens to also be a well-known techy dude) about stuffs we're gonna make for him. I can't wait to see him do his adorable neko girls with the stuff he's already ordered! (He says he'll let us use a couple of his images on the site, so stay tuned for that.) I fucking love my work!

- I am incredibly in love with my amazing partner Jovino! ZOMG! He is so smart, kind and creative. He brings a LOT of awesome to our life together.

- The current issue of Cook's Illustrated - it's like they wrote it for me! I made the most delicious chicken EVAR last night... NOM NOM NOM! It is going to make AMAZING soup when I am done eatin on it. Next up: french onion soup! I freakin' love CI. They don't just say "do this" - they try it a bunch of ways, then tell you how it worked so you can really understand how it works best, and the reason why too! The only thing in the whole magazine I'm not likely to try is the pork chops (and even they sound pretty freakin awesome.)

- I am gradually winning over the housemate's bird. He is a cockatiel, about 10 years old. He's moved around a lot (she rescued him from a disinterested owner when he was young, but he's been living with her parents for the past few years.) He hasn't had a great deal of socializing, though he is hand-trained. I have made a point of hanging out with him nearly every day, and I can tell he is warming up to me. I've never had the opportunity to spend much time with birds and I'm fascinated by him - the bird brain is so different! And he's a cute little pischer too.

- My cats continue to rule. We are toilet-training them and they're getting it! We're almost there!

- Dance class on Wednesday kicked my ass - in a good way! And I am SUPER PSYCHED for TribalFest in May! I have some really awesome classes on my schedule, plus I'm spending the long weekend with my good friend Lane, who I haven't gotten to spend nearly enough time with recently. AND my beloved Mishaal will be there - I have not seen her in YEARS as she lives in Tokyo and we don't get over to each other's countries very often. So, time with two of my favorite women! I'm also going to bring along a few CDs... just in case. If nothing else, they may put 'em on for us at the hotel bar... because the hotel we're staying in is going to be totally full of dancers, so ya know, they may as well!

- The newest bunnywarez creation (in which I am currently kickin' it - ZOMG teh cute - and which will be rolled out at FC) is SO RAD. If I didn't have one, I would so have to buy one! I hope the other furries agree with me (and I hope we can make enough of 'em - though, selling out is always good too.)

- A dear Gigsville friend is coming to town next weekend, and I get to pick her up from the airport and bring her over to the bunny factory!

- Our LED sign. It continues to bring the wuv, the widiculous, and the just plain non-sequitor into our living room. (Jovino did a great job of programming it - the messages are also emailed to us so we never miss one.)

- Spring is coming!

Now if only I could manage to sleep when I want to and not wake up until I am good and ready. Heh.

Moar awesome, plz!

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