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red-headed stepchild in the house of love

Kind of life we live, kind of love we give

It's a quarter to 5 in the morning. I'm winding down from a great night of sewing (following a lovely evening spinning) with my awesome man. We're preparing for a sale on Sunday (do come and see us if you'll be in SF!) so the DJ gig was a chunk of time away from the studio but I would not have missed it! It was an open house for friends of ours who have been growing their spa business and who just opened up offices in a lovely vintage building over near Lake Merritt. We did a trade of our services for theirs, and I always love that - as well, I love seeing friends succeed! Indy biz FTW!

Afterwards we got sushi, and then came back here and worked in the sewing studio for several hours. We have some sweet new stuff that isn't even up on our site yet (we also posted some new items just yesterday, so hop over and check us out, yo.)

I put on some great disco mix CDs I recently got from DJ Robbie Leslie and we got to work. He very kindly made me a custom set of his "rarities and lost" mixes from back in the day since I'd told him that I love the classic disco, but the Hi-NRG doesn't really do it for me. It was super cool of him, and I'm loving hearing his music! There's definitely stuff I can mix with on these (how soon is Pink Saturday?) and I am also just plain enjoying his work. They're really well done - not a clunker mix in the bunch. I wish I could afford to purchase his entire catalog (even the hi-nrg) but I'll have to go back for more as finances permit. It's so awesome to be able to get this stuff!

As we were working away tonight, if I ever started to get tired all I had to do was glance up at our LED sign which was displaying a message someone sent from the bunnywarez site reading "I LOVE THIS PLACE" in all caps, with the 'splodey transition. I just LOVE that we can create things that make people happy - from our ninja bunnies (we have sent them all over the world, and just heard from someone who started a ninja bunny gang with her friends!) to our classic furry hats, we have some good stuff going on. I never dreamed I could be in business for myself, doing creative work, and working with someone I love so dearly.

Happy, happy!
Tags: bunnywarez, dj, love, sewing

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