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NeRdCoRe HiPhOp!

how's my nerdcore?
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Aww yeah.... Jovino and I had a fabulous evening out in SF! We started with a delicious dinner at Chow - one of our favorite SF restaurants, then headed over to Cafe du Nord for a night of awesome NERDCORE!

We got there a bit late so only caught the last bit of Schaffer the Darklord, but he was really good, and I bought his CD so I could hear more of his music. He has a hilarious song about Craigslist! Also had to get Front's new CD and it's really good. There was a really funny song called "I Hate Your Blog" and since I happened to have my "How's My Blogging" shirt on, I had to ask Front to pose with me for a pic.

Front was as awesome as always, and his band was great too. He did ALL of my favorite songs plus a bunch of new material. For about half of his set he was determining which song to do by rolling a d20!

The musicianship of his band has increased - the old stuff he did sounded richer and funkier than I remember... especially Goth Girls which he didn't do last time. So that was an extra treat. It was also very entertaining to be standing in the crowd behind one guy on the left taking photos with his iphone, and another to my right taking photos with a really nice digital camera with a big lens. I asked the guy with the nice camera if he was going to upload the photos he was taking and he said to look for them on Lastfm (not there yet though.)

I do love the nerdcore! It was cool that the opener was so good, I like this genre a lot and we need more folks making this kind of music so that there is enough of it to spin!
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