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Queen Acres (with setlist)

This was last August, at a Big Gay Campout organized by a longtime friend of mine, who graciously allowed us to come at the last minute (when a planned sale fell through due to an unexpected change the organizers made to the contract we'd previously agreed upon.) Even though it was square in the middle of the burning man rush, Jovino and I took a much needed weekend off - we were so glad we did, we are going to plan for it next year!

I had an afternoon set (a treat I don't usually permit myself at other campouts with more folks wanting to DJ - the daytime sets are always most in demand) and I remember feeling so happy and relaxed, looking out over the lawn as my fellow campers frolicked, hooped and relaxed in the gorgeous afternoon sun. Aww yeah.

All of these songs are special favorites of mine (many of them hold a great deal of personal meaning, far beyond that contained within themselves, for various reasons) and this set was a total joy for me! It was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. My dear friend Henry was on before me, and he played a fabulous, sun-drenched loungey set that also served to inspire me. It was a Perfect Moment!


Be Still My Beating Heart - The Randy Watson Experience feat. Nikki Jean of Nouveau Riche
I See - MJ Cole feat. Elisabeth Troy
If I Could - Lisa Shaw (someone at the campout recommended I check out more of her work - good call)
Fear and Love - Morcheeba - this song means a lot to me, for several reasons, and it is good advice besides.)
The Light 3000 - (There is a Light that Never Goes Out cover) - Schneider TM
All Through the Night - Cyndi Lauper
Dream Weaver - Gary Wright
90% of Me is You - Gwen McCrae
Reasons - Minnie Riperton
Living for the City - Noel Pointer
Lanasana's Priestess - Donald Byrd
Sugar Daddy (disco mix) - Betty Paget
Moonshadow - Labelle
Stories - Full Flava feat. Carleen Anderson (formerly of Young Disciples and Brand New Heavies)
If We're in Love - Roisin Murphy (formerly of Moloko)
Ain't Nobody - Rufus feat.Chaka Khan
Blackbird - Sylvester, live at the SF Opera House
You are the Star - Jakki (Tom Moulton mix, yo!)
Xanadu - ELO, feat. Olivia Newton-John
Where Love Lives - Alison Limerick
To Be in Love - Masters at Work feat. India (this is a 12+ minute long mix, with a vocal break that is over a minute long. It usually only works as the last song of the night, or if the dancefloor is so far in your pocket that you can get away with such a long time with no beats, or else you have to mix out before the break. I played the whole thing - and it was PERFECT here!)
More - Carol Williams & the Salsoul Orchestra (cover of the classic lounge song... "More than the greatest love the world has known..." A true disco classic, and a lovely end to my little valentine of a set.)

Every single one of these tracks is a song that I deeply love. Getting to play a set like that is a rare treat (often DJing has to serve to keep people dancing, or I have been asked to play a specific type of music, or I'm "background music" and get interrupted... etc etc.) This time it was all about what I wanted to do (which was inspired by the beauty of the day, the sweetness of the company present, and my joy at being free to play my favorite music in the sunshine. It was like pure liquid honey, like really good champagne, like kissing someone you really love (for a long time!) - and this setlist is a lovely bit of amber, a beautiful moment in time - that will never come again, but that I will never forget.

I've been meaning to post this since August! Of course as soon as we got back to town it was back to work, but fortunately I managed to hold on to the scrap of paper I jotted the tracklist onto! This set was such a joy for me, and I can still see the beautiful boys hooping on the lawn whenever I hear the Donald Byrd track (in particular.) I'm actually tempted to try recording a "studio version" of this (ie spinning the set again from the playlist) as I think it would make a good recording. We shall see!

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