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so, we are just back from another fabric buying trip. I love going to the district; it so energizes and inspires me!

this time it also brought up many thoughts about how far we've come and how much we've accomplished - I am SO proud of us! when we started out we never imagined we'd be where we are now - and now I can see the present as just the latest steps we're taking to get to where we're going. it's AWESOME!

an added bonus was getting to hang out with friends on weds evening - we have a bunch of friends who live in this huge converted warehouse space, so that when we're staying there we can hang out (and even have dinner at the restaurant in the complex) without having to drive anywhere... yay!!! (after what it takes to get there, it really is a huge bonus.)

we hung out until the wee hours and then retreated to bed. the next day we hit the district. we visited some of our favorite suppliers and even found a few great new places! we managed to get 90% of what we were looking for (it's always like that... we're not yet to the point where we're ready to accept the minimums we'd be required to purchase in order to deal directly with the mills. someday, though!)

the upside of this is that we have the ability to be flexible and make small runs and even one-offs - to test the waters or to take advantage of some amazing fabric that is only available in limited quantities. (also that if we do make some kind of mistake, it costs us significantly less than if we'd bought a huge quantity of uinuseable fabric...)

I did have a little "moment" at my favorite vendor's place - I fell in love with not one, but TWO amazing silk fabrics! O NOES!!!

he gives us good deals (and we tend to buy things by the bolt instead of a yard or two at a time, which helps) but still, I do have "champagne taste" especially when it comes to fabrics! I wound up getting all he had of both of these GORGEOUS silk fabrics. one of them does fit with our color palette, so we might wind up using it... the other is really a departure from what we usually do (though incredibly beautiful and well done.) it's really lush.

I figure the latter can be a "just for me" splurge which I can swap in exchange for other fabric I've paid for of out of pocket when we were just getting started (and if the other gorgeous silk doesn't find its way into our catalog, I'll gladly swap for it too.) one thing I *do* know about fabric shopping: if it is AMAZING and you fall in love, buy it - and by that I mean buy ALL of it! because the next time you come back it may be gone. so anyway, it looks like GORGEOUS silk schmattes are in my future! YAY! I loves me some silk.

so, we loaded up the van, and just before we were about to wade into the (horrendous!) rush hour traffic, Jovino remembered that I'd wanted to pick up a pattern weight, so we made one last stop. good thing we did - they had a batch of dress form "seconds"at a huge discount! he'd been talking about wanting a form for months, so it was an easy call to go for the deal. (while they are not perfect, the issue wasn't with the shape, so it'll probably be fine.) besides, if we do wind up using it a lot, it'll be much easier to justify spending what they charge for a new one.

the trip back was relatively smooth - I had a bunch of good music loaded up on my mp3 player, and we had some really great conversations too, while racking up the miles. finally we were HOME! I pulled in and parked, and we made short work of unloading.

we got some really great stuff (most of which we DO have specific plans for - at this point, we do a lot of replenishing stuff we run out of, as well as some procuring of materials for new projects - hardly any "ZOMG MUST HAVE" type of shopping, fun though that is.

now we're back home and it feels so good to be working in the shop again! we got a bunch of orders while we were gone, but today we seriously knocked down quite a bit, so by Monday we'll surely be doing a big mail-out, and probably have all the orders we have now out by weds or thurs. plus, we are working to build up extra stock before teh Mandatory Winter Holidays.

I LOVE MY JOB!!! (of course, a big part of that is how much I love, and love working with, my amazing partner JOVINO.)


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