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tonight was really... interesting.  a couple weeks ago, the Sisters asked me to spin for their "Scandalous Behaviour" Folsom St Fair kickoff party, and of course I said yes.  this party is fairly easy, as not only are there various breaks in the music for strippers, contests, etc, but I also switch off with the adorable Sister Floozy Flo - and I can play pretty much whatever I want (they know me, and love the disco!)  easy-breezy, right?  pizza cake!

when the day rolled around, I was feeling low energy and scant motivation (except of course for the most basic motivation that I am a professional, so if I've committed to be there I will show up and spin whether I'm into it or not.  unless I am REALLY SICK, if I say I will be there, I will be.)  but I have to say, I honestly just wasn't into it, at all.  I really just wanted to stay home and snuggle up on the couch with Jovino and the kitties.

so when I got there, half an hour early, there were 5 or 6 people in the place - 2 guys playing pool, a couple barflys, a bartender and a barback.  there weren't even any Sisters yet.  of course, they had a CD on so I didn't have the option of starting fresh.  I'd loaded up my case with mostly disco, but the mix CD they had on was electrohouse, and what's worse: considerably faster than most of my favorite (mid 120s) tracks.  it was also flawlessly mixed (by some dude in a studio, no doubt.)  not my favorite thing to follow, by a long shot.  if it was *bad*, it would have been easy to just change it - but since it was actually good, it posed a much bigger challenge.

while I was trying to figure out what to do for a segue, it occurred to me that a certain track I had would probably mix well with what was on.  I cued it up and what do you know - a perfect mix!  I had to try it.

I slid the new track in and graaadually faded the mix cd out.  worked like a charm!  I doubt anyone even noticed - hell, *I* could barely tell!  at the time I thought to myself: "great mix - but now you are stuck in the uptempo, electrohouse - and you don't have a lot of it!  uh-oh!"  little did I know - this was the start of one of the technically best sets I have ever played - including sets that I have worked on ahead of time!  like I said, the mixes were just falling out of my fingers and I was astonished at how well it was going.  too bad there were only like 10 people around to hear it - and no one who knew me!  :-P 

just about everything I cued up was perfect.  there was one mix where I was just a hair late coming in, but overall I have rarely done so well, so easily.  the downside, however, is that while it was technically perfect (or very close to it) it was fairly devoid of heart.  not that I don't think that kind of music has heart, it totally does!  it's just that, there I was, doing my job, spinning because I'd said I would, to help the sisters.  zero inspiration, little motivation.  and, here came these looooong mixes - and, out of nowhere!

some of the tracks I threw on I'd never even played out before - some I'd downloaded a while back but never really had time to go through them with much attention.  I hadn't brought much of this type of music so I had to work in as many of the tracks I did have as I could.  at one point I was playing a track which started out with a phat bassline - and then the vocals came in and I realized I'd heard it before - in the car, on that awful gay dance radio station!  O NOES!  MIX OUT, MIX OUT!!!

(actually I have to say that I do love the awful gay dance radio station, in its own way - it sometimes surprises me, and as far as radio goes, well heck, it's not *that* bad - but it isn't like I want to SPIN that stuff!)

ANYway!  Flo showed up to relieve me, and I staggered off to txt-lj post.  what an amazing experience!  I wish I could turn it on and off!  (who am I kidding?  if I could mix like that all the time I'd never turn it off!)

Flo was feeling especially eclectic, so when my turn came around again, it was an easy segue into my beloved disco.  people danced to it!  this micro-set went really well also - but in a completely different way.  my mixing was much less precise, but disco just isn't built for the kind of flawless long transitions you can do with music made with sequenced percussion.  it just ain't going to happen!  most of those tracks have live drummers (ok, Moroder excepted) and they speed up (and, occasionally, slow down.)  you have to play it by ear, you have to be flexible - and sometimes you need to just knock it over *quick*.  so this set did not have the sparkling transitions (though I did get some good ones in, and even one nice long mix with little hints of the going-away track floating in and out of the new song.  I love when I can do that.)

after this, I was feeling pretty happy (ya think?)  my third setlet was much more eclectic, and I got to drop MC Frontalot's "I <3 Fags", my fave Roisin track (Overpowered) and the still-awesome "Just Fuck" by Tom Neville - all of which went over like gangbusters.  I'd have loved to go on longer but it was time for more sexy guys stripping - and who am I to stand in the way of that?!

anyway - what started as just another gig I was doing because I had committed to it turned into an amazing experience (and believe me, totally unexpected!  hell, maybe the secret is being kinda tired and out of it?  naww.. can't be!)

so, here I am, back at home.  this DJing thing continues to amaze and inspire me!  let's hope I'll be able to pull off another magic set like that first one - theoretically, if I can do it once, I can do it again - and it certainly wasn't due to me being in tip top shape, amped up, or even into what I was doing!  that's really the weirdest part - how come, when I am TRYING, I sometimes can't pull off a decent set, but when I'm NOT EVEN INTO IT, it just happens!  (the rig wasn't that great either, so it isn't that.)  I'm just dumbfounded!  oh, and I almost forgot to mention I did this on like 4 hours of sleep.  dude, WTF?

maybe it's all the amazing dj energy filling the city for the house music festival tomorrow... who knows?  let's just hope that wherever it came from, it'll be back next time I need it.

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