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Allison Lange (Alleycat) Memorial at Comfort & Joy Camp - adventures of a red-headed stepchild in the house of love
mermaid on the mic
Allison Lange (Alleycat) Memorial at Comfort & Joy Camp

allison-dustmask, originally uploaded by djmermaid.

I have been talking with C&J camp about creating a memorial altar for Allison (who co-founded Comfort & Joy.)

I am going to make some way for people to write memories, thoughts, notes to Allison, etc. These will then be burned on Sunday, with the Temple burn.

Comfort & Joy will be located at 9:00 and Estuary. All of Allison's many friends and acquaintances are invited to visit the altar and contribute - whether it be mementos, images, writing, or simply your love and energy.

*If you bring an item which you want to have back, please tag it with your name and come collect it by Sunday!* (Also regarding the return of altar items, please realize that this is the playa, and therefor rather unpredictable.)

Gimme Some Love!