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there's a light...

(...over at the frankenstein place...) the end of the tunnel, actually.  we are almost done with all of the burning man orders.  this gives us roughly a week to get our shit together to get to the playa ourselves!

I have a list of things we need to get sorted (just the categories at this point.)  fortunately, we have already been so many times that we really know the drill (and are well-equipped with the durable stuff) so it should be do-able.

here's my list:

- food/water/bar stock (started - we have a vacuum sealer to help with cooler management; nonperishable food gathering is underway; keg(s) reserved; water is easy)
- gear (need to repair tent; reinforce shade structure; inventory rebar - maybe go to homo depot; REI?)
- costumes/shoes/etc (need to figure out what to bring, and pack it)
- hair (ack!  need to bleach/color; find someone to braid in my dreads - my girl left town before I got my dreads in the mail.  eep!)
- return keg from bday party (oakland); pick up keg(s) for playa bar (SF); also need champagne!
- errand day in SF - we need costumes for the Gigsville Prom; inevitable SF errands (New York Apparel, etc) - who knows what else?!
- other errands (Longs, TJs, etc etc)
- arrange cat sitter
- hotel reservation for Reno stopover on the way home (must determine when we think we'll want to leave the playa - no celly service out there means it's very challenging to change on the fly)
- DJ Rig(s) - coordinate with Comfort & Joy Camp for loan of my gear; set up rig for our camp; write up setup instructions for CnJ; work out truck logistics with both camps
- trucks - figure out what can go on camp truck and coord; coord with CnJ re getting rig they are using on their truck
- pull/sort CDs
- design and build kitty shrine
- pay cc bills, rent etc
- event sked - prelim. list of what/where/when - Thursday is already insane - a cocktail party at 4pm which will be full of my friends (and which has happened every year since at least 1996); Billion Bunny March; friends' commitment ceremony... etc!  and that's just Thursday.

it'll all get done, I know...

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