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So, I had a date last night, with someone I've been seeing for several months now. It was pleasant, we always have many things to talk about, and we went for a really nice walk along the bay.

Unfortunately, I am feeling that something isn't quite right about this relationship and I keep thinking about ending it. (Which is why this posting is friends-only... he never reads my LJ but he does know about it and I'd hate for him to see this... especially before I have figured out what I am going to do.)

I can't quite put my finger on it. We get along well, he's sweet and thoughtful and interesting and intelligent. He's definitely poly and his primary partner has always been sweet and encouraging to me. He and the BF get along, too.

It's more an energetic thing... I'm just not quite "feeling it" somehow. I just don't *miss* him between dates... which are more or less every 3 weeks as I am so busy with school, working on house stuff etc... and just not really motivated to make time to see him more often.

I don't know.

I would LOVE advice on this... or any thoughts any of you may have.


(Edit: I am now unlocking this post, as the situation has been resolved.)

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