red-headed stepchild in the house of love (djmermaid) wrote,
red-headed stepchild in the house of love

strange dream

I just woke up from an extremely freaky dream... it was the kind where you don't realize you're dreaming, and I was quite surprised (and very pleased!) to find myself safe at home in bed with my dear Jovino.

It centered around a party I was attending at a large warehouse space in SF. I spent most of the party taking care of many things - working, while everyone else enjoyed themselves. Finally as the party wound down I was able to relax a bit, but soon everyone was leaving and I found myself there with only the Evil Ex as company.

He was being all friendly and chatty, until I said to him "I'm still mad at you, you know," whereupon he immediately changed - didn't want to hear it, and started telling me (in a very pushy way, which was actually very like him IRL) that I'd better get going because I needed to drive over the bridge and it was getting dark. ( in the dream, Jovino was out of town on his own, and I remember because of that, considering stopping for some KFC for dinner on my way home - but deciding not to anyway - it's a guilty pleasure, and something I'd normally never eat.)

I told him (the EE) not to try to present what he wanted as though it was all about being in my best interest, and I continued to calmly list the reasons I'm mad at him still - he lied, took advantage of my generosity and kind nature, and betrayed me by stealing the event which we'd started together, while claiming to me that he intended to work with me AND telling my friends that I was still involved (in order to get them to attend... ALL TRUE IRL!) Slimebag!

He REALLY did not want to hear any part of this, and got up and left in a hurry. I flew/floated down the stairs (it was almost like skipping a step, going downstairs, but I floated down the entire staircase) and simply turned the deadbolt after him, when he went out through the double glass doors (like an old-school department store.) He was upset, but I was very calm throughout this dream, although the situation was disturbing to me.

I went back up and began gathering up all my things. I saw some stuff he'd left behind and figured I might as well take it with me too, when I heard knocking and rattling at the door. I went back down (floating all the way again) and there he was, with two cops, looking rather sheepish. I let them all in, and he went up to get his laptop or some such, while one cop went with him and the other stayed by the door with me. I explained a bit to the cop what the issue was, and he (while clearly not wanting to get too involved) told me that this kind of thing happened "all the time" and basically not to worry about it. The three of them left and I locked the door again.

Soon after, some folks who lived at the warehouse showed up, and one asked "why is the door locked?" while producing a set of keys and opening it. I briefly explained and she said, "oh, ok. Well, just leave it unlocked when you take off."

I finally had everything together and floated down once more to head for home. It was now dark outside. When I got almost to the door, I saw feet, and wouldn't you know, he was back again, in a really ridiculous outfit and with someone who was supposed to be his GF and a couple of other people. (I mean REALLY ridiculous, though it was made up of components that he actually has worn IRL.)

I sighed, and looked at them through the glass. When he saw me, he looked dismayed. I said "I'm leaving now" and turned the lock to let them in. I picked up the bag of stuff I'd set by the door and headed out into the night. I was somewhat nervous that he'd come out and waylay me, but I also thought he'd probably behave what with his GF there. So I headed out anyway, feeling only a little nervous. As I walked towards my van, I woke up and was DELIGHTED to actually find myself at home in bed where I'm safe. (Although in the dream I was pretty proud of myself for staying calm but still standing up for myself.)

Now if only I could get back to sleep... instead, I'm eating blueberries and sipping green tea. I guess that's not so bad.

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