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So I got to go see my darling POUNCE today.

He is old, falling apart, and surely not long for this world. But it was so, so good to see him. He totally remembers me, and he graciously allowed me to pick him up, and purred all while I was holding him and every time I petted him. I love that cat SO MUCH! And I can tell that he does know this.

It was really sad for me to see him all old and feeble. He is 21 now, which is pretty old for a kitteh. I got to feed him, and hang out with him for quite a while. Thankfully he didn't have a seizure while I was there (it's been a couple of days, so it seems the medication they have him on is working.)

It helps to know that Peter and Mare take really good care of him. Of course there are a few things I'd do differently, but overall I have to say I approve. (And if you know me at all, you know I am extremely finicky about this stuff.)

It was also really good to get to hang out with Peter and catch up on each other's lives, and with Mare too when she got home. Our conversation was wide-ranging and totally enjoyable. At one point I said I should go and leave them the rest of their evening, and then we spent at least another 20 minutes chatting, laughing and telling stories - which made me feel incredibly welcome there (because if they'd been hoping I'd leave, they would have surely responded by nudging me towards the door instead.) It was RAD!

They have both always made a point of being friendly with me, and I have always really appreciated that - but never so much as recently, with the Evil Ex's behaviour providing such a stark contrast to their ethical and kind dealings with me. I told them both how much I appreciate their friendship and maturity. It means SO MUCH to me that I can see Pounce, and simply be *friends* with the man I was married to for 14 years, and his "new" wife (she's not that new, they've been married for at least 2 or 3 years now!) - and BTW, I knew her before he did! ;-)

Their sweet baby Dash is just a week or so away from turning one and OMG is he ever ultra adorable! At the memorial day campout, Jovino and I spent a lovely afternoon hanging out with the three of them on a blanket on the lawn - a series of sweet moments which was truly one of the highlights of the weekend. I'm proud of all of us for being friends - and at the same time it seems to me the only way to be - what is the point of being petty and mean? It's why I am so challenged by my anger at the Evil Ex - yeah, he fucked me over, a lot and on purpose (or at least knowingly.) But the anger, it's so corrosive. I know it's actually *bad for me* to feel that way.  I know it!  But, but... I've never been fucked over like that - NEVER! I'm having a hard time getting past it, or even wanting to get past it! It feels like, if I let go if it, that's like saying it was ok, or what he did to me doesn't matter. Which is Most Emphatically NOT the case! So... I don't know.

I guess all there is for me to do is to keep on going forward. As I am always saying, overall things are good. Bunnywarez is doing GREAT, I am so in love with my man and my kittehs and my music. My friends care about me. I'm alive, and growing and learning. I still wish teh Evil Ex would blow up in a spectacular fireball of spontaneous combustion (but it doesn't work like that except sometimes in the movies.) And apparently there are lessons to be learned in all of this. I just hope I can get them quickly and move on already.

When I got home tonight (later than I expected) my lovely, healthy kittens and sweet, amazing partner greeted me. This was delicious! Jovino let me try on his latest creation - a fabulously cool, beautifully made, fully lined furry hoodie vest with kitty ears. It's SO awesome! I don't ever want to take it off! This one is the first one (it's basically a beta version) so there are a few tweaks we need to make, but overall it's AWESOME and I really expect it to do well. It's not going to be cheap, but then it's not cheaply made. We make our things to be the best they possibly can, and the pricing has to reflect that (instead of trying to hit a certain price point and having to cut corners to lower cost.) We have a saying: "I don't have time for anything less than awesome" and this vest definitely hits that mark.

I'm so happy with the increased time that we have to devote to bunnywarez! We're still feeling out the best pattern for our time to take with this new arrangement, but it's super exciting to be at this point! We're really looking forward to the next stage as our business grows and thrives!!!


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