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Ugh... spring cleanings!

I am looking for a "magic" solution for my grill... a few years back, I got a nice gas grill - for burning man, etc.  I also offered it up for use at my brunches, with the caveat that it not be used for pork (or bacon, natch) which I do not eat. 

Well, wouldn't you know that the Problematic Ex  KNOWINGLY and PURPOSEFULLY violated this  well known boundary of mine (...along with "I Will Not Fuck Teh Crazy" and numerous others.) 

It's just SO FRUSTRATING!!!   If he had EVER had half of the impetus to respect me that he had to try to fuck whatever skinny little girl came along, this would NOT have happened!  But what *I* wanted just didn't even register - it was all about whatever he had to do to get his dick into whatever little 23 yr old hottie came along!  So, onto the grill (MY grill!) went the nasty ass bacon, while he knew PERFECTLY WELL that this was NOT ok with me, yet he chose to do nothing.  (Lest ye think this is just ex-bitterness on my behalf, let me emphasize that he told me he saw it happening and CHOSE to do nothing!) 

I know a lot of my friends love bacon, but at the same time I think we all wish to respect one another, and I'm sure that had the bacon-cookers been aware of my desire to keep my grill clean, this would have never happened.  Unfortunately, the Self-Centered-Ex was unable to speak up on my behalf, lest it lead to him not getting LAID by whatever little cutie girl brought the bacon (which, btw, was also specifically requested in the invite to be *cooked* if you were going to bring it). (And nevermind that she didn't fuck him ANYWAY!)

So, once again, I am SO ANGRY at the Problematic Ex!  FUCK HIM!!! 

Once again, I am left to ask: WHAT was I "THINKING" in getting involved?!



So.  I am stuck trying to scrape bacon grease (which should have NEVER been there in the first place!) off my nice grill.

Maybe his motherfuckign metal BOX (in "illegal-to-live-there-land") will burn up! 

I hate to admit it, but I would totally welcome that.  Sorry to say.

DIE, EVIL EX, DIE!  (hateya, meanit)

ugh.  I KNOW this is bad for me.  but, with all he's done to me, used me, taken advantage, etc... what am I SUPPOSED to do?!?!?!?  (suggestions?  ideas?  eml me thru my LJ page, please!)  Suggestions for getting rid of greasy grime or for being less angry are both welcome.


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