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A New Dawn

It's a new dawn. I've used this title (which I associate with a particular live recording of Jefferson Airplane, fwiw) several times in this journal. There are so many new dawns.... and here is another of mine.

I'm going to try to start posting here more. I want to have a better record of my life to look back upon, for one thing. And I like staying in touch with friends this way too (hi!)

I've been so scarce here that I haven't yet mentioned our new housemate: the fabulous Arlette is moving in! We set this up quite some time ago and we're really happy to have her finally moving in!

I'm a big fan of Arlette, who started the Knittaz in da Hood nights we host here (every other Wednesday, starting at "7-ish" - next one is TODAY, 6/27!) I think she's going to be the Best Housemate!

In other news, our darling kittehs Ninjai and Bruce iz on IcanhasCheezburger!!!! Clickety-click and check our girls out!!

We haz also have some awesome bunnywarez newz. Too soon for deetz, but, YAY!

Overall, I've really got to say that I am loving life. Pink Saturday was AWESOME, I am really happy with Jovino and the Kittehs, I am chilling out in our rad warehouse, and our business (which we love) is growing in exciting and unanticipated ways. Of COURSE there is stress, but damn - looking at it overall is pretty freakin' amazing.

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