red-headed stepchild in the house of love (djmermaid) wrote,
red-headed stepchild in the house of love

too low to find my way, too high to wonder why...

...I have a million thoughts, flowing through my mind.

this is not the most convenient time to be writing this.  in fact, the timing pretty much sucks.  but... here I am.  I'd almost fallen asleep when something woke me back up, and getting back to sleep after something like that that is always a challenge.  the things on my mind come to the forefront and it is really hard to wind down and sleep.

right now, my biggest worry is for my beloved Pounce.  Peter called me earlier, telling me that they thought Pounce had had a seizure (but they weren't sure) and he was taking him to the vet.  I didn't get the message right away, and just as I'd heard it, Peter called again.  The connection was really bad, but as far as I could tell he was at the vets and it had happened again.  The did some tests and the results will be available tomorrow.  I asked him to email me and let me know when I could come over there and see Pounce, and  hopefully also have lunch with Peter (we'd been trying to schedule that anyway.)  but now I'm afraid I won't ever get to see Pouncer again.  the one comfort here is that I KNOW he is getting the best care possible.  Peter and Mare both adore Pouncer, and he has been seeing Dr Press for years now - so they know and love him at the vet.  I'm going to go see Pouncer tomorrow if there's ANY way.  my schedule is very flexible so hopefully it'lll all work out.

my focus lately has mostly been on bunnywarez.  things are very good.  we're in a time of transition and growth!  since Jovino is able to devote all his time to the company now, we've been working on a lot of new designs which we'd been thinking about but had never had the time to work on (the drafting and refining stage can take a while, and with all the orders we've been receiving it was hard to dedicate time to other things.)  now, seeing our ideas become reality is incredibly cool.

ps - the irony of the title and timing of this entry are not lost on me.  theory radio is off the air today for the Internet Radio Day of Silence ( ) we're running a PSA that Jovino and I created.  there'e been some discussion of Rob Garza speaking out for the RIAA which is kinda oogy and rather ironic considering the <i>name</i> of his group!  butanyway!!  ;-)

more later...  sleep nao?

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