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Like, OMG!!!!

I am sitting here on my couch RIGHT NOW, listening to a disco track I've never heard before.

No, it's not a new CD - I actually managed to track down legendary SF disco DJ BOBBY VITTERITTI!!!

And, not only did I arrange to purchase some of his original remixes (plus CDs of his DJ sets - recorded live back in the day - which he has recently remastered) but we also chatted on the phone this afternoon!

Damn! This shit sounds GREAT!!!! Hopefully I'll be able to drop a track or two at Pink Saturday the day after tomorrow!

Talking with Bobby was a thrill and a half. He told me a few great stories of his times as a hot young disco DJ in the '70s... meeting Amanda Lear, DJing in a bath house and getting hit on (I'd sent him my set from Sandwiches, which he said he listened to and thought was good, and asked me which bar I was spinning in... (I think he thought it was the Elephant Walk - which is now Harvey's.) When I told him it was actually a private "raver sex party" he laughed and told me about spinning in a bath house near the Troc, and we swapped tales of being hit on while DJing.

I seriously wish I could hang out with him over a couple of beers and hear MUCH more! Maybe someday...

In the meantime I'll be really happy hearing his sets from "back in the day" and hopefully dropping some of his remixes at Pink Saturday... and BEYOND!!!

(LULZ for teh Melly fanzorz: this afternoon after I finished talking with Bobby on the phone, I staggered out of my room and said to Jovino, "Patton OSWALT" and wobbled back and forth, nearly fainting with the fangirlish AWESOMENESS of it all!) heh. I have a lot of freakin' room to laugh!

Hopefully those of you in the bay area will come check out Pink Saturday and hear some of these rad tracks! I'm REALLY looking forward to it.


- M (djmermaid)

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