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help wanted!

we bunnies have some big sales coming up and could use some help!  the first sale is this sunday (there will also be one in July and one in August.)

right now we are looking for someone (or several someones) to do very simple hand sewing, closing up our clip-on kitty ears.  (just finishing - the clips are sewn in already.)  it's pretty quick work.  we would pay by the piece, so even if you aren't the fastest sewer, you could help us out and pick up a little cash.  (trade is also available if that appeals to you more.)

this could be done at the bunny studio - days or evenings - or at your place (however if you take ears home to work on, we really need to be sure that you would actually do them or else we will be hosed on Sunday!)  working here involves extra perks too, like snackies, beverages, and hanging out with us while we all work.  ;-)

interested?  questions? comment here, or  email me (through my userinfo or

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