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today's theory set

I usually try to do some kind of theme for my theory sets (or at least have a concept in mind.)  but today the best I could come up with was "oh, that'd sound great played really loud in my living room!"  so, that's what I went with.

here's the setlist:

Fette's Vette - MC Chris
Are Friends Electric (live) - Gary Numan
How Soon Is Now - The Smiths (this is the track I danced to on Saturday and I think I'm in love!  my 2nd Smiths song!))
Crystalline Green - Goldfrapp
Teardrop - Massive Attack
Because The Night - Patti Smith
Crimson & Clover - Joan Jett
Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Feels Just Like It Should - Jamiroquai
Re-enter the Two-Tone Deaf - Kings Have Long Arms
Ziq Zaq - Modeselektor
Into the Feeling - Bobby Peru
Viper Vapour - Only Freak
No More Conversations - Freeform Five
Emerge - Fischerspooner
Somebody Rock Me - Party Ben (mashup of Rock the Casbah with Somebody Told Me)
Bitch - Dave McCullen
Partydance - Ed Shepp
(Don't Get) Too Drunk to Fuck - Avenue D
Sorry - Nerf Herder
Get Down Tonight - Stereototal
Ready for Action - Crystal Method

I'll be back next Wednesday from noon until 2pm (California time!)

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