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Theory Radio setlist 4/4

As today was Wednesday, I had my noon til 2pm set on Theory again. Sorry I forgot to post a reminder here! I'm on every week at the same time.

As befitting the date (4/4!) I played a lot of disco. ;-) I got quite a few IM props for the disco, so I think in the next few weeks I'll go a little more in-depth and give some of my favorite music a bit of a closer look. It'll be a good opportunity to share some of the things I have learned about the history of disco and about some of the people who made the music, and hopefully also offer folks a new way to perceive this stuff.

Here's my setlist from today (I started off with some downtempo, just to get going as I worked through some fussy technical issues):

Stories - Full Flava feat Carleen Anderson
Let Your Hair Down - Corinne Bailey Ray
All I Need - Air
Wishful Thinking - 4 Hero
Basmati - DiZhan & Kamien feat Daniela Muller
We Shall Be True - Billie Ray Martin
Demons - Fatboy Slim with Macy Gray
Blackbyrd - Donald Byrd
I Wanna Be With You - Doc Severinsen
Any Way But Loose - Plunky & The Oneness of Juju
Freak It Out - Electric Smoke
You Can't Hide - David Joseph
When I Come Home - Aurra
I Can Feel Your Love - Sampson & Delilah
I Got My Mind Made Up - Instant Funk
Nice & Naasty - Salsoul Orchestra
Dance A Little Bit Closer - Charo
How High - Salsoul Orchestra feat Cognac
More - Carol Williams
Moonboots - ORS

Hope to see you next week!!
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