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it only hurts when I laugh...

my mood has been all over the place lately. though I do have to say that objectively things are good...

last night was dinner out at Le Cheval and then a stroll down memory lane courtesy of teh internets. I've been doing research for our upcoming trip to the midwest for my sister's wedding, and also happened to stumble across a Klaus Nomi video, which brought back many memories of the much revered '80s East Village art scene, with the likes of Joey Arias, Ann Magnuson, Keith Haring, Dianne Brill, Kenny Scharf, John Sex... etc! I soooo admired the east village scene and it was cool to have a reminder of those times. I hopped onto Amazon to seek out DVDs of the bio-documentary about Klaus Nomi and the Wigstock movie! (I want Paris is Burning too, but it hasn't been out on DVD for long and so is still pretty pricey.)

in other news, we're looking for a new housemate. I'll post an ad soon. things are in flux here at the trapezoid and I am sure that positive changes are just over the horizon.

well, I should get to bed. I have a party to spin tomorrow evening, celebrating the first anniversary of a good friend of mine. the party I am definitely looking forward to. schepping the gear up the steep steps of the venue, not so much. hopefully I'll have help.

I'm full of home made risotto and plenty tyord... ready to sleep and dream, and awaken to enjoy the new dawn.

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