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kerning, kittens... and I forget what else

life is catching up with me lately.

it's been tough to keep up with my sleep what with everything else going on.

the classes are running full bore; we continue to get regular orders, I just restarted my Theory Radio set (every Wednesday from noon til 2pm *PST*)... etc! Add in taking care of the cats, household stuff, various DJ gigs... and trying to squeeze in some downtime and eventually it just doesn't all fit into a day.

the kitties are doing great - Bruce is over 5 pounds and Ninjai is over six! they are incredibly active and overall healthy. I am trying to switch them over to a raw diet but it is slow going.

they are very picky eaters! they don't cotton to many canned foods at all - in fact I would say their favorite kitty food is Innova Evo crunchies. oddly enough, they are not so much into the Innova Evo canned! I'm hoping to get them switched over to a diet of raw and innova crunchies. I'm starting to see that this is going to have to be a long slow fadeover.

in other news, I have a new timeslot on Theory Radio - I am on every Wednesday from noon til 2pm (pacific time!) check me out at


what I meant to say about kittens and kerning was that last night Jovino and I stayed up way too late talking about fonts and kerning. then we got up way too early to go to our class. in the meantime, I had this rad dream about kerning, kittens, freaks (as in, the playa variety) and star wars collectibles. it was the best, and I SO did not want to tear myself away to go to the G!D! class!

o wells.

got a fair bit accomplished today in the realms of home maintenance, cat care, sister wedding, personal organization, etc, nonetheless.

and I spun about a 90 min set just to the 4 walls here, to wind down the night.

bed time now.

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