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OMG it was BEYOND AWESOME to be back on Theory Radio today!

I used to have a 3 hour set on I think Tuesday evenings - I want to say it was 10 - 1 but I honestly don't remember any more. Things changed, my life got crazy, and I had to give it up. The network connection here wasn't good enough for a while, but it's better now, and finally a timeslot that I could do opened up. So now I'm every Wednesday from noon til 2pm (PST, yo!)

It's a really different time, doing it in the daytime, but I totally loved it and had a great time spinning! Jovino helped me get set up (including letting me use his computer to stream through, since my wi-fi is currently broken. I'm actually online through an ethernet cable - how retro is that?!)

The DJ before me was playing some seriously rootsy jazz, and I really didn't know how to follow that, so I just took it one track at a time. I think it went really well! I even managed to back-announce ALL of my tracks - a first for me! (I'm also in the process of reorganizing ALL my CDs, which is good overall but added a bit of an additional challenge as I'm not entirely sure where any given CD is just yet!) Overall it went GREAT and I had a blast!

if you tuned in, thanks for listening! if you missed it, I'll be on again next wednesday at noon, so come check me out!

so, here's my setlist:

Crazy - Nelly Furtado accoustic cover of Gnarls Barkley, recorded live for Radio One UK
(Station ID/etc)
Be Still, My Beating Heart - Randy Watson Exprience feat Nikki Jean cover of Sting
Scar - Missy Higgins
1980 - Estelle
To the Bass - Zimpala (rad Doors samples!)
Stories - Full Flava feat Carleen Anderson
(Station ID/back announcing)
Let Your Hair Down - Corinne Bailey Ray
Estelle - A Man Called Adam
Follow Your Bliss - B-52s
Another Day - 4 Hero feat Jill Scott
I Am the Black Gold of the Sun - Masters at Work feat Jocelyn Brown
Space Cowboy - Jamiroquai
Why I Came to California - Leon Ware
Love is the Message - MFSB (Tom Moulton mix - 11 mins of Disco Glory!)
Ease Out - Mid Air
(Station ID/back announcing/etc)
You Can't Hide (Your Love from Me) - David Joseph (Larry Levan mix)
Don't Make Me Wait - New York City Peech Boys
Make Me Believe in You - Patti Jo
Deetour - Karen Young
Heartache #9 - Delegation
Love Thang - First Choice
(Station ID/back announcing/etc)
Lost in Music - Sister Sledge (1984 Nile Rodgers remix)

Woo-hoo! I can hardly wait til next week!

In the meantime, I'll be spinning Eva Destruction's birthday party (Saturday night in the east bay) and Dr Sketchy's (Sunday from 4 - 7 at the Stud, SF)

Woot! :-D
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