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to friends of Allison

just a quick note to anyone who knew Allison:

on Sunday, we will be gathering at CMR in SF (where the memorial was) to distribute Allison's clothing and other effects. the event is scheduled to go from 1pm until 4pm.

donations to cover the costs of dry cleaning and laundering Allison's things will be gratefully accepted (one of her friends spent a fair bit of money to do this and we would like to reimburse this kind individual.)

the organizers would be grateful for help (door, cleanup etc). talk to me if you can help. I will be on-site coordinator.

the organizers have also suggested that this be combined with a clothing exchange. I would ask that if you bring items to exchange, that you please take any unclaimed items of yours with you when you leave. this is because I will be dealing with all the unclaimed items of Allison's and I am hoping not to need to make multiple trips hauling stuff.

also, if you cannot be there on Sunday but want a keepsake, contact me and I will see what I can do for you. I will hang onto Allison's things for a week or so afterwards, so that if you want to come over and look through them, you can set up a time with me, or else I can just save something for you (let me know what sort of thing you would most like.) (Morley, I got your message and will see if I can locate the item you mentioned - if not, let me know if you would like something else.)

after the event I will post again and say what I have, and how long I will have these things. it won't be forever, so please contact me as soon as possible if you want something, even if you don't know yet what you might like, that way I can follow up with you.

thinking about this is tough, and it's making me sad, but I really want to help out here. partly because I was unable to do much when the memorial was held, and partly because of how much I treasure the things of my mom's which I have, and I want to make it possible for those who knew and loved Allison to have a keepsake. so if you want something, do let me know. you can comment here, or email me.
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