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It's fryday, I'm in love!

I've been meaning to post here for days - I wish I had more time to update this thing, but the days slip by before I know it.

Lots has been going on, most of it really good lately.

- I'm officially a Good Driver! I've had my license for a bit over three years now and since I've behaved myself and not gotten into trouble, my car insurance is just over half what it used to be. To reward myself, I think I'm going to get some fabulous new Fluevog's I've been drooling over for ages. (And I'll still have $ left over, even if I totally splurge and get two pairs! Which I totally want to do, but probably shouldn't.)

- My cats!!! I'm going to put up pages for them on Catster so you guys won't get sick of hearing about them. But in the meantime... they are so great. They sleep with us, and actually sleep. Ninjai is SO loving and sweet! (Well, they both are... but when I pick up Ninjai and she kneads me with her widdle black pawsies... uh, melt!)

Bruce has forgiven me for making her take nasty tasting medicine (and even for having to take her temp every day for four days, which was the WORST for both of us! I'd rather give her an injection. Then again, I do know how to give a cat an injection, not to mention subcutaneous hydration. Let's hope I don't have to put this experience to use again anytime soon, shall we?)

And they are SMART! They learn really fast. I think we're going to try teaching them to use the toilet. They've picked up everything else, and they are both quite agile so it should work.

- Jovino - he is simply teh Awesome!!!! I have never had such a wonderful partner. He is supportive, encouraging, and he really listens to me. When I'm unhappy or upset he's so good with me. (Plus: ROWRRRR!!!) I am a lucky lucky girl, for sure. Oh my, how I do love him!

- Our home is super rad. The physical space (which we've been working on lately) is very cool - as are our neighbors in the building. Last night the power went out in the early evening (around 7:30 or 8?) so we grabbed our camping lanterns and went out to investigate. We found folks hanging out in the front parking lot, so we joined the party. It was way fun to hang out, talking with our neighbors, drinking beer and lighting off some small fireworks - and as a bonus we learned how to open the gate by hand when the power is off from a particularly handy neighbor.

Eventually we got cold so we decided to head in for some hot food (fortunately we have a gas stove!) On the way we encountered a barbershop quintet, serenading in the hall! Their rendition of Goodbye my Coney Island Girl was truly stellar and we were delighted. It was great to be out in the company of our cool neighbors. (Then, even better, we went to bed early - heh heh!!!) The only thing that would make it better would be if we actually owned our place, and so could be building equity every month instead of paying rent.

- Knittaz in da Hood - I'm hosting knitting night here every other Wednesday and it's been great so far. Last time I actually got to knit (it started right before FurCon, so for the first couple I was swamped with bunnywarez stuff.) The next one is in two weeks, and it starts at 7pm. Come on over if you knit, want to learn to knit, or have other (non-messy) small craft projects to work on.

- Last weekend... oh, what a classic weekend! Saturday was a rockstar dj night for me, with a gig for the burning man regionals summit party from 7 - 11 in the east bay, and then a set for my friends at Comfort & Joy in SF. The first party was downtempo/background music, and I had to bring gear, but it was a good crowd with lots of people I know. I am doing work-trade for a ticket which is a plus for me as the prices have risen a lot since I started attending in '96.

The second party was closer to my heart as they wanted my vintage disco! It's always such a treat to be asked for that! Usually I have to find (or create) opportunities to spin that stuff - especially since the disco I love the most is virtually unknown to most people, so if they do want disco it is usually painfully mainstream crap like the Beegees. So this was a plum gig for me.

Sadly, I wasn't in top form for the party due to the stress and timing of having a gig (including schlepping gear) beforehand, and I felt like most of my mixes were on the choppy side. (Plus I only had 60 minutes, so not much time to get warmed up and hit my groove. If I'd had an open schedule, I could have warmed up at home and been much more ready to go.) Nonetheless, I did manage to pack the dance floor (which emptied out after the drag show, but I managed to build it up again) and afterwards several people had very nice things to say to me. Jovino said I should write down the tracks I spun (I just improvised as I usually do, going in with only the first one planned) and work them into a mix CD... which I just may do. I was focused on things I thought didn't go right, so it was good to have so much positive feedback.

(On a side note, the two CnJ folks we know best are also DJs themselves, and I know that one of them personally dislikes disco, so despite the fact that he's never said anything negative to me about it, I always feel extra awkward when I'm spinning it at a party that he is at. I have to get over this! Not everyone is going to like everything... but it does make me more self-critical... which doesn't exactly help me spin well.)

After my set we stayed and danced through most of Lord Kook's set, which was super awesome and a lot of fun to dance to, even though the place was a total sweatbox! We're trying to make it a point to go out dancing more, so I think it's time to shave down my undercut again - it really helps. Around 4:30am I asked Jovino if he'd like to go home, have some champagne and chill out with me, and he readily agreed, so we packed up and took off back across the bridge. We didn't sleep until it was light out - always the sign of a good night! (Fortunately my room is nice and dark - perfect for sleeping when it's light.)

The next day we trekked down to San Ho to the Doubletree to check out another con which was going on there - some folks had suggested that we might do well vending there. It was really strange to be there at a different con - the vibe was totally different (though we did run into a few folks we knew.)

Monday was dedicated to sewing and getting caught up with orders. We tried to turn in early because Tuesday morning we are taking a class together. The two most challenging parts of this are getting up early enough to be there by 8am (!!!) and figuring out what to wear. Most of my t-shirts are inappropriate in one way or another, so I tend to wear the same ones over and over. It's odd to be back in school, but I think it is a good thing overall.

Wednesday was Knittaz. Thursday I went into SF and the power went out that night at home, and now here we are: it's Fryday. Jovino will be home soon. I have a kitten sitting on my lap, and another next to me on the couch. I'm in love!

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