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crazy past life dreams...

I've just had two very intense dreams with a past-life focus recently...

the first one featured a particular tall, glamorous con-going friend, and the other was about my darling kitten Ninjai (my little black cat with a kink in her tail.)

both were incredibly real (and cohesive, almost like a movie.) you know how some dreams are more impressionistic, like a series of scenes or feelings... these were very clear and had a definite storyline which progressed through time.

the one about my kitty was shorter, and linked my life with her now to a time in the '40s when she was my cat. the focus of the dream was that that her love and affection now was in part due to her recognition and gratitude from us having been together in the past, when I'd saved her life (by sadly sending her away from me when I knew I could not protect her.) she was so grateful, and happy to be with me again. (in real life she is extremely affectionate and loving.) this dream was incredibly vivid and real - it seemed as though I was awake and actually experiencing the dreamed events, and only when I awoke did I realize that I had been asleep rather than experiencing it all first hand.

the other dream, featuring my friend (who was wearing an elegant version of his trademark kilt in the dream, despite it being very much out-of-period - one of the first things that made me realize I'd dreamed it when I awoke) was longer and more detailed, though no less vivd and real-seeming. it was set in the past - decades ago - and in another country, perhaps Egypt or India. the story revolved around us meeting on a boat trip along a river, and realizing that we knew one another. I, knowing who he was before he specifically recognized me, told him a story of a time when I was younger, and he realized he'd been there. we were also both glad to see each other, as he'd not known what would happen to me or if I would even survive when we parted ways. (we were in some way related, though not closely.) this dream was a bit more dreamlike - like an extremely detailed movie - and upon awakening it seemed possible that my friend could have been representing someone else, whereas the one about Ninjai was very clearly about *her*.

both dreams had in common my experience of myself as a rather plucky survivor, in addition to the theme of a reunion of friends across space and time, and an unusually vivid feeling of extreme verite'. I have no idea what to make of them, but they were both lovely, positive experiences from which I awoke with a smile on my face.

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