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those days are gone forever... I should just let them go

so, tonight we took down the xmas tree. it was all well and good until it got to the point of me having to decide what to do with the photos of Allison. (Even though she actually looks happy in one of them.)

when suddenly...

I am back to:

God DAMN it.

I still can't quite seem to let go.

I know I need to...

but I just can't yet.

I'm really grateful (really, REALLY grateful) to Erin/Cheeky for letting me have her perfume. I can't wear it, because the kittens freak out at the strong (and somewhat musky) scent.

But... I can go into my room every now and then, and have a little whiff. Strange as it may seem, it does me good.

Thanks, Erin.

And, now that FurCon is past, I am going to get going on my candle project.

If *you* want a candle with a picture of Allison, scented with her lovely perfume, comment here (be sure to sign your name if you don't have an lj account) or send me email (check out my profile page here to see how to do that.)

I'm also still working on my con report, and will eventually post it. Right now I am just not in the right headspace for that, though.

Champagne for my Real Friends, and Real Pain for my Sham Friends!

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