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just a quick update...

...before I collapse in bed.

Production for FC is going well, we are bizzy bunnies. It's cool to see how far we have come since last FC!

The latest Kitter News: the kitties have been named! The black one is Ninjai (our little Ninja Kitty!) and the tiger is Bruce. (In case you missed the photo from the other day, here is a link.) That's Ninjai up on my shoulders, and Bruce on the table.

Right now, this is the only shot of my sweet sweet girls that we have online, though Jovino got some adorable pix which we have yet to post - there is one of Brucie asleep up on my shoulder as I worked cutting stuff out later that night, as well as some shots of the two of them napping up on the cutting table. More pix will surely be forthcoming.

In other news, we had a lovely dinner with Sabot and Carol Kitty at the wonderful SF restaurant, The Stinking Rose. Yay for friends, conversation and garlic! After dinners, we did a quick (but expensive) raid on the SF Amoeba. I hadn't been there in ages, and I had quite the full shopping basket. Hopefully some of the new stuff will work into my sets at FC - I'll be spinning in a party room on Saturday (not sure what time) and also in the official con main dance room on Sunday night from midnight until 1:30 am.

k, I better get to bed while the getting is good! (wish me luck in dislodging the purring kitteh on my lap... they really do have a gravity ray...)

Although, I do have to say that these sweet little cats are making me SO HAPPY! I have smiled more in the past three days (since Caturday!) than I have in some time.

ok, now I REALLY need to hit the hay!

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